Monday, 4 August 2008

The Bear Traveller

Thank you for all the lovely giveaway comments!
A couple of people asked if international people could join in and the answer is:

YES! Of course!
If you stop by here, Polly would love the chance to stop by you!

I'll still be leaving the giveaway open until Thursday so plenty of time to join in :)

Speaking of places far away, I have a new little traveller to share with you.

Lovely Bear

Lovely Bear will be making its way to a new home in California over the next couple of days.
The bear is called lovely bear for now, as a custom order for the shop I like to let the new family do the naming. I can't even decide if its a girl or boy bear, but I am certain I adore him/her! 

And Bear won't be travelling alone.
Bear's new family was sweet enough to adopt Goldie Bunny as well, so the two will make their way across the world together. 

Luckily, Bear and Goldie have a lot in common.
Descended from Sockbears, Bear is made from the same kind of felted fabric as the bunnies and stitched in a similar way. This make bear much softer and sweeter than the sock ancestors. I found a soft lambs wool knit for bear in soft brown, grey and cream. 

I love how it looks like bear is wearing a little grey sweater when you takes off the scarf!

If bear wasn't stitched destine for travel, I don't think we'd be able to part.

Bear hugs and goodbyes


  1. Hi,
    I love your blog.
    I've left an award for you here:
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful blog!

    alicia in Hawaii

  2. What an adorable little bear! :)


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