Friday, 8 August 2008

Winner's Tea Party

It's time to pick a giveaway winner!
Teeny has been looking forward to this and prepared tea and cake for the occasion.
But what kind of tea is this?

Paper tea!?

Teeny had filled a teacup with all the giveaway names wrote on paper. She says this tea is much more exciting than normal tea and much friendlier to 'Dunky' the tea bag who was happily swimming around in the cup.

Out jumped Dunky, and in jumped Teeny to pick the winner...

...Hey, no peeking Teeny!

Once properly blindfolded, Teeny was all ready to pick out a name.

And the winner is...

Yay! If you can email me your address, I will send Polly, Teeny and the others to you. They are sooo excited to meet you in person!

Thank you to everyone who joined in. I was touched by all your comments - your support and kind words means the world to me and give me so much inspiration! I wish I could send you all little thank yous.
Hopefully I'll find many chances to do that in the next 100 posts!

Now I'm off to put the kettle on,
Anyone for real tea?


  1. The blindfolded Teeny picture cracks me up.

  2. ahhh your blog is adorable!! I love it!!!

  3. that's so cute! :D congrast to nicole!

  4. Oh my goodness. This blog had me giggling. I found your blog from another I have been visiting. And am adding it to my list to check.


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