Friday, 29 August 2008

Spot the fish

Of all my fishy photos, this is the clearest, most colourful one where the fish haven't just swam out of shot. I can't believe of all the amazing fish I saw, my only decent photo is mainly of goldfish (little orange bits in the bottom left corner), with what I think were 'chocolate' fish and lots of coral - finger coral and honeycomb coral.
I wish I had better photos (or just some photos of the other fish!) as it really was amazing! Seeing all the under water wonderfulness was the highlight of my holiday

Above is (a rather blurry) empty, opened clam shell. It was so big, I would only just be able to get my arms around it. The guide told us that the clam inside it had "gone for a walk along the sea bed". When I got home, I repeated this and was told clams don't pop out for day trips, and the shell was open as its owner had probably been eaten, which made me feel a little sad and very foolish (as, at some point in my life, I did know that live shellfish keep there shells closed). I am now a little suspicious about all the things the guide told us... although I do prefer his story to the reality and a little nonsense is always good thing!

Have a fantastic weekend from a believer of fishy nonsense and her clam friends who run along the sea bed naked! :)


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