Saturday, 2 August 2008


Welcome to my 100th post!
I'm so glad you came.

After thinking long and hard about what it meant to me to reach 100, I realised its all about being able to share what I do. So to celebrate, I'm going to be sharing some real life pieces in a little giveaway!

Polly is always has her favourite red spotty party hat perched upon her head, ready for any celebration, and she is always the first to arrive. This is a very good thing as she will be the host of this celebratory giveaway, and will deliver all the goodies as a roomy little mini tote.

 When I realised 100 was nearing, I rushed to tell Polly we had to do something special!

"100 post! That can't be right, you've never managed a week with a diary!"

It's true I have started many diaries and never kept one going long, but somehow I have blogged 100 times! 

"Well! that really is something to celebrate! 
And we must do so with tea and cake..."

So I hurried off to make felty tea and cake treats. 
I came upon some cherry bakewells along my way, please feel free to nibble!

Polly then asked 'how did I think I'd manage to blog after finding diaries so hard?'


I only had time to think that one hmm and I realise its you guys that make it so much fun to blog! Its lovely to know that someone is reading and hopefully enjoying what I'm sharing. I started this blog a little shy, but your visits and kind words have given me so much support and confidence. That you stop by for a few moments has given me so much and really does mean the world to me

To Polly and I at that point is became clear that you had given me so much and I had to give you something special in return...

After a while at the sewing machine, out danced "Teeny", a tiny ten to go with my big 100.
She is not as tall as the other bunnies, around half their height. But she more than makes up for what she lacks in height in sweetness. I adore this tiny bunny and giving her to one of you would make me so happy.

Polly also suggested I added a few 'Thank You' cards, as that is what I'm trying to say in my soppy way. (I am feeling a little emotional right now! but all good emotions I promise)
There is also a couple of sheets of Moo stickers in with the cards. They came out so lovely!

 Jotwo and Blueberry Joe, who were sitting near by, happened to over here Polly and I making plans and wanted to joining in the fun...

 "People have said lovely thing about us too, we want to give a gift"

And so they gave me a handful of buttons from the bag Blueberry Joe gave to Jotwo during the 'great nose debate'. Those two little bears maybe good at drama, but they aren't too keen on sewing. Apparently, they tried in once and somehow sewed themselves together. So they asked me to sew the buttons to a thank you card to keep them neat and then mentioned,

"You really should give some fabric away with buttons..." 

We rummaged around in my fabric stash and found some lovely checks, spots, hearts and flowers. To try to stick to a loose theme, there is also some tea-themed fabric on top and bunny-themed fabric on the bottom.
The bunny fabric is a favourite of mine. Its a really soft cotton print and feels amazing to touch. The design has these 4" circles filled with bunnies, bugs, birds, flowers and fruit surrounded with leafy branches. The selvedge strip says the design was originally owned by the American Folk Art Museum and I will have to show you the piece I have in full sometime. I haven't found the right project for mine, but I have cut piece with 4 of the circles for this giveaway so maybe you can inspire me. :)

So the fabric was tied into a bundle with a couple of piece of ribbon and lace, added to the rest and  now we have all these goodie ready to give away;

Thank you so much for stopping by and giving me the chance to say "Thank you!" with goodies.
I don't really know how many people do stop by, but whether its 1 or 100 and this is the first time or the hundredth, I am so glad you do!

And I love it when you comment! I have found some brilliant blogs and lovely 'friends' (may I call you friends?) through comments and so I will encourage you to do so, if only to have Polly and the other goodies arrive on your doorstep!

So to be part of my 100th post and giveaway, just leave a comment.
 It could be about tea, cake, bunnies, bears, blogs, how many bakewells you managed to nibble your way through (Two for me!) or anything you would like to say really.
I'll will pick a name in a random fashion on Thursday 7th next week.

And because I can't wait to give out goodies, I have one for everyone now!

(Click for full size printable pattern)

A Sir Oliver Woofington Embroidery Pattern from my Ollie scribble.
Patty of Pipstitch suggested this and I think its a wonderful idea. I made this how I make all my embroidery patterns - just outlines, no instructions or suggestions. If you click the picture, Ollie will be around 18cm tall and you can print him from that window. I'll be stitching mine soon and I'd love to see how you get along if you give it ago!

Have fun, (leave a comment) and another BIG thank you! for stopping by.

Hugs and Cake



  1. Yay! Congrats on your 100th post! This is a really fabulous giveaway and I'll be sure to mention it on my blog.

    Thank you for the embroidery pattern! Sir Ollie is SO cute!! He looks just like my Spring Spaniel Anna, so I'll probably make mine a girl. ;)

    I'll be sure to post a picture when it's finished!


  2. how cool! i saw your little tea bag and cake on the flickr embroidery group. congrats! : D

  3. Happy 100th blog birthady!, may you have many more to come :D i love your little cakes and tea bags

    hope today has been great!

  4. Happy 100th!! I don't think I have left you a comment before, but you are on my main page so I can come see your pretties everytime you post something new. I really enjoy your blog and thank you for the darling embroidery pattern!

  5. Congratulations on your century blog b'day!

    I adore the little teabag :)

  6. I'm so glad I found you and your blog! (By way of the Flickr embroidery group) Your stuff is so sweet!

    Here's to the next 100!

  7. Please count me in, and do feel free to pop over to my blog for a nibble. Recipe index can be found to the right.

  8. congratulations! I continue to be amazed by what you create. You should be proud of all you've done :-)

  9. OMG, Jenny! I can't believe you took my suggestion! Thank you so much for sharing Ollie's pattern with us. I'm ready to go stitch him up now. And, congratulations on your 100th post! Is it ok for those of us in the US to enter your giveaway? If so, then please add me. :)

  10. well done jenny.... you must be very proud of your success..... selling your items for you in Archie & Mabels has been a pleasure and long may it continue.
    louise xx

  11. Congrats on 100. This is my first time here, but hopefully not my last. And here's to 100+ more posts for you.

  12. Love your blog. read often, never comment. LOL. I'm going to be better about commenting more in Fall. So much busy stuff lately with back 2 school . HUGS!!!!!!!!! niki

  13. I just ran across your blog!! I love it!!! Such cute and clever stuff!

  14. Hi Jenny! Firstly, I want to say how much I enjoyed reading how sweet Polly and the others prepared for this giveaway! It really brought a smile to my face!
    Secondly, I loveeee your creations. They are so adorable!
    I am an international poster, hence it is okay if you do not include me in the draw. I am happy all the same to just tell you how much I enjoy your blog!

  15. Congrats on 100 posts !!!!


  16. Thank you. What a generous giveaway and a pretty blog.

  17. Congratulations m'dear. Am so proud of you and you know I think your work is amazing.

    I had cake and tea lots when I was away, but it wasn't as much fun as it is when you're around.
    Whenever I see things related to gingerbread men it always make me think of you, which reminds me I got the most amazing cookie cutter the other day- its a cow jigsaw puzzle:D

    Congratulations again, can't wait to see the next creations. xx

  18. Hey Jen,

    Congratulations on your 100th post. They sure sneak up on you these monumental posts don't they? Good luck with it! Cheers - Jen

  19. Congratulation on 100 posts. I have only recently found your blog but I think Poly and your bears are so sweet and it got even better when I realised you were this side of the pond. I don't normally eat bakewells being Celiac but recently found some gluten free ones, well bakewell bar which is nearly the same and they were lovely.

  20. aww such a cute post! will come back often. your stuff is just so adorable. i love their eyes. :)

    i heart bunnies too.

    congrats on 100!

  21. Congrats on 100 posts! What a gorgeous birthday cakes drawing!!

  22. Wow, what an amazing giveaway! I would love to be entered. And a very happy blog birthday to you!

  23. What an amazing celebration! Happy 100th!!!

    I love your BLOG, I love your ART, you're one of the BEST!!! :)

  24. congrats on hanging in there to 100! cutest little bunnies I have seen!
    nice blog, here's to another 100! :)

  25. Congrats on your 100th post! That's something, alright ... I saw this via Flick'r when I saw your tote - cuppy - bunny pic, and loved the tote cause she looks like me!

    Have fun reaching the next 100, I look forward to catching up on all the back reading now :D

    ~ gem ~


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