Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Happy November!

I hope everyone had a happy haunted Halloween night!
I had quite the gory evening due to a funny zombie movie and some disastrous baking... sticky cake guts everywhere! but it was all fun :)

So November is here and that means time to share the Christmas goodies I have been busy stitching for the past month. I guess it's still quite early so I'll ease you in with just one piece today.

I made this one up as my Thursday Night Project a couple of weeks ago and have been working on some more today. I wanted the gift bags to look like mini Santa sacks with big luscious bows, rather than my usual little tote bags. I love the magic of Santa's sacks, how they held such surprises in cartoons and I thought it would be fun if the gift bags could have some of that magic. I'm not saying you will be able to pull a 6ft decorated tree out of one of these sacks (although I'd love to be able to make ones that did that!), but that happy wondering of what the sack will hold for you... 

Happy November!


  1. So very adorable, and I very much ♥ your little tree applique :-)

  2. I totally agree with what squishycutestuff said!

  3. oh, I love it! and your cupcakes look yummy despite the "guts" ;]


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