Friday, 21 November 2008

Merry Kiss-mas!

An incredibly cheesy title I know, but the squishy hearted romantic in me just couldn't resist.

The "Kiss-mas" comes from an anthology I read in high school. The title was 'Kiss Miss Carol" which was how the child in the story pronounced "A Christmas Carol" and I have completely forgotten what happens in the story, apart from that one detail which I always thought was a incredibly sweet play on words. 

And it does seem fitting for a mistletoe post...

I love mistletoe, or the romance of mistletoe I should say.
I thought felt mistletoe would be fun. First, I made these little pins with pearly bead berries. As I was stitching them the idea for hanging mistletoe came to me and the results you can see - Sprigs of felt mistletoe with creamy button berries. I have had one piece hanging in my door for a month now :)

I have made a small batch of mistletoe, but due to a ribbon shortage (eek!), it will be next week before any will appear in the little shop, but the mistletoe pins will go in later tomorrow and if you pop over there now you'll see these little Christmas puddings smiling at you...

They went in earlier, as did these pudding pins which have sold already!

I am in a bit of a hurry now to get everything in its place in the little shop and I am so happy to say I sent off a whole box stuffed with goodies (including mistle sprigs and pudding pins) to Archie and Mabel's this week for a Christmas hopping evening Louise is holding next week.

 The Christmas shopping evening is the 27th of November (next Thursday). The address and details are here and if you are in the area, please do go along as it sounds like lots of fun. There will be wine, nibbles and a raffle, as well as all the christmas-sy bits I and other local crafters have made. Unfortunately I won't be able to attend the evening in person, but I am sure the Gingerbread Boys will give you a very warm greeting. 

(early) Christmas kisses,

As well as not being at the Christmas shopping evening, I may also be a little quiet here on the blog too. My brother will be going into hospital for an operation next week. I am planning to spend lots of time with my family and just keep as normal as possible, but I'm finding the thought of it all quite scary and think I'll probably not be too chatty the next week or so.
I am so thankful for crafty distraction right now!


  1. Your little puddings are ADORABLE!

  2. Those are so cute! I'm not surprised the pins have sold!

  3. I love your mistletoe and the puddings. And, I hope everything goes well with your brother's operation.

  4. SO darn cute!!! I love the mistletoe and the puddings make me laugh... LOVE THEM!!

  5. love the puddings, and the mistletoe is the cutest, most original Christmas item I have seen in a long time!

  6. Oh my, I gasped with glee when I saw these cuties!


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