Friday, 7 November 2008

Tiny Hats

Yesterday was quite the hat day.

Jotwo celebrated his 1st birthday with a tiny polka hat and Happy cake. There were some real mini cupcakes around which he was hoping to nibble but they were all taken by the other Birthday boy, my brother Joe, to be shared with his friends. Unlike his namesake bear, I couldn't convince Joe to let me make him a party hat...   

While doing the birthday shopping, I spotted that it was time for the Innocent Big Knit hats again. I love this idea - Knitters make and donate little hats for the tops of the bottles and 50p from each hat go to Age Concern to help quite older people warm through the winter. This year I found the fantastic little blueberry hat on a blueberry smoothie - Yay! On the bottle it looked like a beret and so I just had to spend the rest of the day humming 'Raspberry Beret' changing raspberry to blueberry of course! The other hat beautifully modelled by the gingerbread cutters is last year's find and you can see loads of amazing hats on the Big Knit Flickr group. I am so joining in next year!

My final hats of the day are not actually hats, but very inspired by the curly hats elves wear.
A tiny desktop forest of elf trees, decorated for xmas with ribbon and a single jingle bell on the top of the curl. I don't want to gush too much about them, but oh how I love them! I will be listing a couple in the little shop later today but I am so tempt to keep them all to myself...

There is much more christmas stitches to be done and there is a box paper loveliness waiting for my attention, so I shall go be busy.
Hope you have a lovely friday


  1. My little elf-guy needs those tree! They are splendid ☺

  2. What lovely trees! They're super cute!

  3. I really need to come and visit again, I want cake!!
    Great work as ever :) xx

  4. Oh my gosh I LOVE THE ELF trees!!!

  5. Oh, I adore the elf trees! I am now stalking your Etsy shop just waiting for the moment that I'm able to buy one or two of them! They're so adorable!

    ~Amy Rose~
    ~~Swell Stitches~~

  6. oh, cute cuteness all over the place! and your cupcakes made me hungry. ;]


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