Saturday, 15 November 2008

The Tale of a Tiny Baker

In my little imaginary crafty world, I always have a little help.

In the little shop, there are the shop bunnies. They dust the floaty shelves, say hello to passers-by and wrap all the parcels ready for me to take to the post office.
In the little craft room, there are some lazy little pixies who are supposed to keep things organised and tidy, but rarely do!
And whereas I usually stitch and scribble all by myself, I have had some christmas help in the way of teeny tiny Gingerbread men!

First there was one, who I stitched up myself to be company for a certain Gingerbread Boy...

I sat the tiny boy on my table and went to get my cookie cutters and a teeny whisk, thinking they would make cute props for his portrait. Unfortunately, a teeny whisk can be a hard thing to find in a drawer full of regular sized utensils and by the time, I returned the sun had all but gone. "Oh well, I'll have to take the photos tomorrow" I thought but still set the tiny scene before I went to bed that evening.

When I returned the next day, there was not one but...

... Two tiny gingerbread boys sitting on my table!

It would appear that if you leave a tiny gingerbread boy with a whisk, cookie cutters and all the right fleecy ingredients, he will come alive at night as the house sleeps and 'bake' himself a little friend!

It was such a lovely surprise! 
And being the greedy little girl I am when it comes to all things gingerbread, I left the two tiny boys with the cookie cutters and the whisk for a few days more and by the end of the week, just look what had happen...

They had baked a whole family of teeny tiny Gingerbread Boys!
It is the most delightful sight to see them all stood in a row, looking up at you and just by looking at them, you sense they are wondering if you know the secret of their magical night time baking...



  1. Oh, I love them all! So cute!

  2. lol, cute story!! The gingerbread men are sooo yummy. Love 'em!

  3. cool!!! all in their big gingerbread family! :]

  4. The gingerbread boys really are super cute, Jenny, but I was also thinking it would be fun to make a horror movie with them since they look so sweet and innocent.

  5. such a cute little story! And I adore the little pearly buttons on them.. so sweet!

    ~Amy Rose~


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