Monday, 17 November 2008

Lovely Non-Christmas-ness

I thought I'd take a little blog break from Christmas today.
Because all my crafting has been very christmassy from the past 2 months now, I have nothing to show of my own, but I do have the most gorgeous handmade 'lady' to share. 

Meet Gladys...

Isn't she lovely?
Gladys is the purchase I excitedly made when the Dottie Angel reopened her etsy shop a little while back. She is an absolutely gorgeous vintage slip in my favourite little bluey green colour (which doesn't show well in the photos because of the not-so lovely grey blue sky outside, hmph!). Tif the Dottie Angel customises all the slips with fabric, rosettes, dolies and lace... the loveliest lace ever...   

I knew I could only pick one lovely from the store and Gladys was the lady for me. I knew it instantly. She is a little bustier than I am so we need a trip to the dress makers but until I can wear her and dance round in circles, I have her hung on the outside of my wardrobe door. She is much too beautiful to be hidden!

As well as my dress, today I have been swooning over a painting and a print. This painting from Marmee Craft, as they remind me of a couple of squirrels I have in my garden, who after an odd start (one threw a pinecone at me!) have become a daily delight to spot, and this print by Rob Ryan, just because it turns my heart to mush.

I hope your day was filled with loveliness, 
and I wish you much loveliness for tomorrow too!


  1. Just found your blog which my daughter directed me to.
    the slip is so wonderful, that I hope you wear it with a shawl, or sweater as a tropical dress.
    I love it.
    Your blog is swell too.

  2. oh, wow! that is so vintage and CUTE!!! :]

  3. I ♥ that squirrel painting! So cute. And as for the other! Pricey! There is one in his shop I would love for my kitchen. It is the color of my kitchen, and has the bird silhouette theme as well:

  4. What a gorgeous slip! I can definitely see why you bought it! You're right, too.. that lace is just divine

    ~Amy Roes~

  5. That slip is so pretty. I can see why you bought it.


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