Wednesday, 19 November 2008

The Secret Lives of Snowmen

The Secret Life of a Snowman

Although you'll usually see snowmen standing out in the snow, that is just their day job. After a long day of greeting people on their way to work and making little children smile, Snowmen likes nothing more than to go inside their cosy homes when the skies are dark and sit by a warm fire with a cup of cocoa.

What tipped me off to this little secret is the fact you always see snowmen wearing scarves and why else do you wear a scarf except to keep toasty warm?  

There are a couple of these cocoa loving snowmen over in the little shop.

Happy mid-Weeks!


  1. I love your little sketch of the snowman, oh he just looks so loveable. heehee.

  2. Oh my stars! These are so cute! I collect snowmen, and I haven't found any as cute as this in a long, long while. I adore the drawing at the beginning of this post.. it's so beautiful!

    ~Amy Rose~

  3. so cute! love those little guys!

  4. you have a great imagination. I love your reason for the snowpeople wearing scarves, and love your snowmen (or women?) even more :]


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