Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Birthday Fishes

Yes, that's 'fishes' not 'wishes'

Some people may prefer Birthday wishes, but when the question "what present do you wish to receive?" was asked, all was very quiet....

...and he stayed very quiet.  
Two days before the Birthday and still no wish! 
And that is about the time the fish came about... 

It was quite possibly last year, when I asked the same question to the same person, the answer was "Perhaps a fish"
After a hour looking in the pet shop at fishes of all shapes and sizes, it became clear the fish we were looking at were going to be a little high maintenance. It sounds daft to say that of a pet fish, but factor in heaters, air pipes thingies, the size of a tank and a lack of space... 
Whatever happened to goldfish in plain old glass bowls? 

So two days before, a present was needed and I remember the fish!
Felt, needles, floss and a little sketchbook help from Barack Obama (the goldfish) to get me started and a few hours later, a very low maintenance pet!
I presented the felt goldifish in an plastic bag carnival style (an idea I borrowed from this etsy genius) to a very amused Birthday boy

I can't help but think that a tank of felt fishes would be quite a lovely sight....


  1. Jenny, dare I say he is even CUTER than Barack! LOL You did an amazingly realistic and fab job!! I have seen that etsy store before and fouind it amazing...one of those "I wish I would have thought of THAT!" ideas.

  2. Super well crafted!

    I'm always happy to find fellow UK crafters!!

  3. Wow! Your fish looks fantastic! The embroidered details you added make it look so real.

  4. Wonderful! Your work is excellent =D

  5. really cute perfectly made fishes :) Glad I found your blog. Catherine

  6. Love the little fish. He's a cutie. I'm sure he is easy to take care of.

  7. This goldfish is FANTASTIC!
    great details!

    thanks for visiting!



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