Wednesday, 13 May 2009

The End of the Evening

Yesterday evening ended very late as I challenged myself to get my hand stitching done before I could go to bed. Not surprisingly, little was done while the Conchords were on as I was watching the tv and not my hands - v. important while drawing! :)

Before the stitching came the Black Apple update. I had kinda hoped to grab a Helpful Hannah doll but they were gone in a click literally! I'm not too disappointed as
 1. I expected the quickness of clickiness as I have snatched in many an update before and 
2. because one such snatch last year was a doll, whom I have not yet shared...

...well now I will. Ain't she a cutie?
She is one of the lucky ones who got to sit behind Emily and Martha Stewart as they made the dolls. (you can spot her in the video here). Generally I don't buy into that reality tv celebrity thing, but I am crazy happy to have my own little celeb sitting on my shelf :)
Her picture was found in during yesterday's photo sort (I'm really not surprised at the computer's grumpiness as there is a lot to be sorted/deleted)

And from cute to not-so...

 ...incredibly ugly in fact! (but thats ok as Nigella said they would be)
Before stitching, updates and telly came the ping! My mini meatloaf was cooked, chilled and made a tasty lunch. I've never tasted meatloaf before and it was fun to try something new... especially in a tiny picnic style. At the weekend I cooked burritos at home for the first time too - fresh salsa, guacamole and all. I mainly followed this recipe with a couple of extras chucked in.

 I didn't take any photos but I do have a burrito doodle from my sketchbook. 
I miss drawing food with faces...

Well, I think I've rambled enough now...
Enjoy your evenings!


  1. Oh Jenny!! Your doll is absolutely, positively the most adorable B.A. doll I have ever seen ☺☺☺ Lucky you, to have a doll that has graced not one, but TWO, of my idols.

    Your meatloafs look fabulous. The American version is always covered with a ketchup-y sauce. I have a staple recipe for "Little Cheddar Meat Loafs" that everyone in this house loves. They are similarly tiny loafs, with shredded cheese mixed into the meat mixture. Then they are topped with the brown sugar/ketchup/mustard sauce and baked. I always serve more sauce for dipping ☺ Is ketchup as much a necessity for you as it is on this side of the pond?

  2. I love black apple dolls! Yours is especially lovely! I'm planning to make one of these for my niece, I just need to find the perfect fabric :)


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