Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Everything's Rosy...

Well, all the soggy floss was rescued and will live to stitch another day and my ticklely bug is all but gone. Last weeks low points are forgotten and everything is come up rosy for this week... 

Quite literally rosy in the craft room too.
The little swirl flower pins have grown nicely... become blooming rose corsages with leaves just peaking through...

...and sweet little minitotes so you carry a flower where ever you go.

All have been planted in the little shops, ready to be picked. 
The little folksy shop in particular is looking quite the summer flower patch at the moment.

Hope you have a lovely rosy week too!


  1. Everything looks so lovely. It reminds me of sitting around with my nanna making ribbon roses. Millions of them!

  2. I love your flowers. The bags are just beautiful.


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