Friday, 22 May 2009

Happy List

Thank you so much for all the nice comments about the little fish... I'll pass them on to him when I see him tonight :)

This week I have had leaking pipes, tickling tonsils and I just accidentally spilt an almost full glass of water over my desk and into my flossbox so I think I'm in need of a list of things to be happy about so....

*Pretty parcels wrapped and ready to go*
 I'll share whats inside the larger two next week but I'm especially happy about the little one as I get to give that in person at the weekend to someone I've not seen in way too long...

*New food-with-smiley-faces goodies from Paperchase*
That place is heaven to me already but I am such a sucker for foodie stuff... just had to buy!! 

*Patches of daisies and new shoes*
I challenge anyone to feel sad while wearing yellow shoes on a sunny day...

It always feels so good to think of small things that make you happy. What's making you smile today? 
Hope you all have super happy weekends!!


  1. Okay, you succeeded in making me smile (after I cried over the spilled glass of water!). Love the daisies AND the shoes!

  2. The shoes are indeed uber cute. :3 New foodie stuff from paperchase?! Yay! I'll have to remember to put that on my wishlist.
    Keep smiling!!!
    -Carolyn Michelle


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