Sunday, 7 February 2010

The Big Lovely Snail Mail Reveal...

At last, I have my completed Snail Mail page to share as well as a super big Thank you, 
because you helped me go from this...

to this...

It's so amazing how kind and generous you all were, I never imagined I would have this many stamps for my little project. I used every single one you send and, look...

Completely full! Not a space to spare!

I love my journal page, this is definitely my favourite and I can't see how any other could top it ever! And its all because of you wonderful bloggy friends. You can go over to this pic on my flickr to spot your stamps (I've added notes to make it easy) and here is a lovely list of all the lovely sites of all the lovely people who made my lovely page:

Natasha of Natty Bum Bum
Bunzi of Bunny Creates
Hannah of Span's Stitches
Mollie of Wild Olive
Casey of Randomness
Patty of Pip Stitch

Thank you all so much!
Hope you are enjoying the most wonderful of weekends


  1. holy wow- you've got mail! haha, it looks amaaazing :)
    leanna xo

  2. That's alot of Happy Mail! :) xx

  3. Lots of mail. I stumbled on your blog to late, if you ever do this again. I'm in. :-)

  4. Hey! You helped me with my Wreck This Journal too. :D It was no problem at all. I just got some awesome Lunar New Year stamps too.


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