Thursday, 11 February 2010

Memory like a...


I've stumbled upon some things I had forgotten to share. Like this little fish bowl embroidery which I made at the same time as the Ant Farm

I'm liking the idea of little pets for your wall so I'm trying to think up some more.... It's on my to-do which is so full I struggling to chose what to do first and has caused a little craft clog.

Lucky for you, I found enough fish brain forgotten things to keep pretty pics coming your way.

Happy Thursdays!
(pretty sure it's Thursday.... hmmm)


  1. What a pretty fishbowl embroidery! Happy Thursday! x

  2. super cute!! I love it! I had a goldfish named bubbles that I won at the fair and it lived 4 years!!!

  3. I love your little fishie!!!


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