Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Happy Moo-day!

My monday did not go as planned so I've been having a re-do today, getting all the things I wanted doing done and a few little bits more. I'll share them in a couple of days as well as something that I've been dying to share but has to wait too... 

So with the rather bad play on words, I'll introduce you to my cow softie, Moo. A request for gift by a friend, I never would have thought of making cow otherwise but I think he is rather cute. Usually I like to keep things quite simple but I just had to add little things like a chubby mouth, a tinkly bell, cheeky little udders and tiny horns (my favourite part!)... oh and a tail!


I usually forget to add tails, which seems strange when I think how many bunnies I've made!

Happy Moo-day or Tuesday,
which ever you wish to celebrate today I hope it's a lovely day


  1. :) Awww this is wonderful! I love the lil cow! Wonderful!

  2. that is seriously cute!!!!!!!! as a vegetarian, i love all cow, pig and chicken things.. this is definitely one of my favorite things you have done!


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