Friday 18 March 2011

Last Sunday I flew back to the UK and began the final weeks of wedding planning... one week to go!!
Its all been busy, busy, busy and time is flying by and it looks like it will continue this way so I'm not too sure when I'll next be popping in but I promise it will be as soon as I can


Saturday 12 March 2011

If only a little cloud, at least its crafty...

As a crafty blogger I thought I best have something a little crafty to put in my week of blogging (oh yes a post-a-day after my 3 month absence and very easily too, I missed it more than I knew) so I searched through my photos for an unshared project. 
There wasn't many to chose from but I found this little cloud pouch which I made to wrap a little cloud brooch.

Not much of a story, but a cute little bag.
And I love the lining...

...sweet little japanese faux patchwork from this lovely etsy shop, which I suppose is my clumsy little way of getting on to the subject of Japan and how my heart goes out to everyone who is affected.
I think this says it all in a beautifully simple way (found via The Loulogue)


Friday 11 March 2011

A few notes... How refreshing!!

I'm a huge fan of a dessert table and I love this Ice Cream Parlour one...

...or maybe its just the ice cream vases I have a weak spot for.
This Ice Cream Come trinket box has been an etsy favourite of mine for ages.

The other thing that keeps catching my eye is these...

pictures above from my favourite wedding blogs

...fruit filled urns and pastel coloured drinks, aren't they pretty?
I'd quite like a wedding cocktail, something that looks good, isn't too alcoholic and will be liked by many. I have my last caterers meeting so I'm desperately looking for ideas...

What's your favourite cocktail?

Thursday 10 March 2011

A few notes... Garden Party

We are lucky to be getting married in the lovely setting of a Walled Garden and hopefully we will be very lucky and the weather will let us make the most of it... 
Please, please cross your fingers and do a little rain rain go away dance for us

But whatever the weather, I love these Garden theme party ideas which I will use one day...

Garden-style Flowers
They will be lots of pots in this post.

Little Green Potted Placecards...

...or Little Flower ones - I can't chose which is sweeter!
And similar style diy gifts here

I'm sure this could be turned in to a cute little game

Sugar Flower Cupcakes from a local cake maker 
A photo of my own! Invites are from Wedding Paper Divas (Tiny Prints for non wedding stationary) and I highly recommend them

Daisy food picks from Martha Stewart 
- my new favourite craft site, how did it take me so long to find you!!

And my absolute favourite in cute food...
Potted Chocolate Pudding with cookie soil and edible flowers!
Love, Love, Love!


ps. this is one of the prettiest Garden Wedding posts 

Wednesday 9 March 2011

A few notes... Floating fancies

Clever Pymette knew where the balloons in the wood from the last post came from, the wedding of The Cherry Blossom Girl...

...who also had gorgeous floating cloud balloons. I have to decorate a party with these!
You can see the whole wedding here.

And I thought today's post could be about floaty light lovelies...

Balloons, lanterns and pale peony prettiness from Snippet and Ink - another beautiful inspiration board place

Flowers that look like clouds - I have a new found love of gypsophila 

Marshmallow hot chocolate gifts
Make yours here

It never would have worked for me but still I love this dress
Find similar vintage prom dresses at Timeless Vixens Vintage

Giant tissue pom poms - I shall make you and hang you everywhere...


Tuesday 8 March 2011

A few notes... In the Woods

When I first started wedding planning, I couldn't get this amazing woodland wedding out of my mind. Its so beautiful with feathers and wild flowers and lights hanging from trees. We aren't having a woodland wedding but its still one of my favourite themes.

 ...Cake Stands...
(make one yourself with Etsy's tutorial)

...and Candles 
(I have no source for these, but find similar on Etsy)

Sweet Wild Flowers

And Magical Settings.. this is one of my favourite pictures ever!!

Here I must make a confession... as well as being a lapsed blogger, a wedding obsessive and a crazy inspiration picture collector, I am a forgetful label maker and can't quite remember where I found some of these photos to give credit for where this wonderfulness is due and I really feel bad about that. I do know they all come from my favourite wedding blogs... 


ps my favourite wedding post of the day is Becky's carnival cute Bridesmaids Card...

Monday 7 March 2011

A few notes... Wedding Blogs

Oh dear, has it really been that long?
3 months and not a peep!
Time does fly when making plans...

In less than 3 weeks I'll be getting married, just 19 days to go! I'm very excited and everything is almost ready. Many many things have been ticked off lists and a few lessons have been learnt. Planning isn't as easy as I thought but it is very easy to immerse yourself in the world of wedding and forget to pop your head up every once in a while which is the only way I can explain my absence. 

As the time gets closer I've found I have pages of inspiration all saved up that I don't what to let go, so I thought I'd share some here starting with my favourite whimsical 'do it your way' wedding blogs...

Once Wed - the first wedding blog I fell for

Postcards and Pretties - inspiration board heaven!

Rock my Wedding - my favourite UK wedding blog

 And finally Style Me Pretty

As well as gorgeous weddings and the prettiest of pictures, these blogs are also filled with crafty ideas for all sorts of projects. Over the next few posts, I will share more pretties I've found. 
In the meantime, any last minute advice for a bride-to-be?