Tuesday, 30 September 2008


I am really enjoying autumn this year.
Its been quite sunny and its been good to get out and enjoy seeing the changes, not just trying to spot them through drizzly windows. I saw too much of summer that way.

It is the end of September and time to share my little contribution to the lovely Bunzi's Monthly Makings. The theme was Autumn and I was so inspired to join in.

I stitched up this little seasonal bunny who is named Autumn after the theme and season.
Where as yesterday's bunnies enjoyed their time outdoor as an end of summer picnic (those pictures had been waiting for over week to be shared... bad bloggy jenny!), Autumn is truly enjoying her season. We collected teeny-tiny pine cones, open chestnuts that looked like flowers and many golden leaves that keep blowing away from our photos.

One little leaf was happy to have its photo taken...

Autumn was made from delicious vintage woven fabric, that I call "The coat that never was..." It was given to me by a relative in the form of a half-made hand stitched coat, which would have been a wonderfully toasty coat for autumn days. It is brown, speckled with cream and blue and makes me think of wool tweed, although I'm not really sure if it is. I am sure that is a very Autumn-y fabric. 

The Little Bunny Autumn is bringing some seasonal cheer to the little etsy shop now, along with some birthday gift bag/mini totes which went in a couple of days ago. Stop by and pay a visit if you have the time.

And Please do stop by the Bunny Creates blog to see all the other monthly makings. August's makings were fantastic to see!


Monday, 29 September 2008

Pine-cone Tea and Prickly Chestnuts...

...may not be the afternoon tea choice for me, but it is the favourite of two little friends who like to sit under the end of Summer leaves and discuss travel plans for the Autumn.

My two new little bunnies were picnic-ing at the base of a large tree in the garden not so long ago. They saw the sun come out through the summer cloud and sneaked out of my snug craft room, with mum's tiniest tea cups and a gingham FQ blanket, to enjoy the last day before an official autumn began.

They offered me tea (which was politely declined as I had brought my own, more traditional cup) and began to tell me their stories and plans...

The little brown/grey bunny introduced herself as "Dilly" and told me she was the 12th bunny of her kind, although a little different from those before. She went on to explain that the bunny pattern had been altered to allow her to stand or sit better, although she does still little something to lean upon (Afternoon tea is much better taken in a relaxed position, you see) and she can sit much straighter too, with a stronger little neck. She also told me how she is a close relative of a Higgins the lovely bear and they have the same lovely lambwool's fur. Of course this I knew, but I like to listen to her tiny husky voice so allowed her to tell me anyway.

Her companion is Benjamin, the 13th Bunny of Bunnidom. This, he tells me, is a title given by himself but that does not make it any less true! He felt so smartly dressed in the waistcoat I made for him and a little bow tie, he felt a title was need and think everyone should give themselves a faux title too."Don't you think so too, Duchess Dilly Bun?" he says, so he must be in the habit of bestow titles on passers-by. Has he told you your title yet? I was given chief stitcher of bunnidom.

As for their travel plans, they told me they had enjoyed their visit of the garden and were set to ride to a cute little shop in Sandy, which they heard had the yummiest cakes. 
This shop is, of course, Archie and Mabel's Coffee Shop and where they can currently be found if you wish to swap your stories with them.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Sending Happy wishes!

Thank you so very much to everyone who left lovely happy comments for my Happiness giveaway! I realise it was strange to announce giveaways with no idea of gifts, but the mood just took me to send a little present out into the world. Thanks for playing along!

I am sending lots and lots of happy wishes out to all of you! I hope your days are bright and cheery and please feel free to pass them along to whoever makes you feel happy too.
And with the help of a super fun online random name picker thingy, the little present of pen pockets and notelets will be going to....

If you email me* with your post address, I'll send the little gift straight away :)

I found Brook after she found me for my 100th post. She has a lovely bright and bubbly crafty blog which makes me giggle and a old-fashion pin-up girl style which I LOVE!! I always think of Jayne Mansfield in "The Girl Can't Help it" (a favourite feel-good movie of mine) when I'm looking through her posts.

I'm sorry I can't send out little things to all of you, that would make me very happy! 
There will be that (planned) Halloween giveaway on the 1st oct, so I'll get to share more goodies soon though!

I'll see you all tomorrow with a crafty post
Hugs and happiness,

*my email is jeni_s@hotmail.co.uk

Friday, 26 September 2008

Dandelion Fairies

I think dandelions are so pretty. 
They remind me of fairies dancing in the wind as they are blown away.

This is the gocco print illustration for the new notecards, of which you had a little peek of yesterday. The dandelion and his fairies are a shimmery silver ink (I wish it showed better on here!) and printed on white, blue and lilac card. They will be in the little shop as soon as my lovely paper people send me more of their lovely recycled envelopes, definitely worth the little wait.
But if you can't wait (and you are local), some are already available at Archie and Mabel's

Have lovely weekends, I'll see you all sunday, if not sooner

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Picking out gifts (and another happy list)

After little looking through my project box, I picked my Happiness Giveaway Gift...

A hand-drawn pencil pocket with a blue bow and some small notelets - blue 'Thank you' notelets and some brand new bunnies notes (which I haven't shared yet so this is a little sneak peek too)

I hope you like them!!
Remember to leave a comment here or there before sunday if you do :)

And a few more things that make me happy:

Crispy Autumn leaves and pine cones on the floor

Caramelised onion and poppy seed bagels

Strange gothic style mushrooms at the bottom of the garden...
and  little ones opened by the nibbling of this little guy... 

... he spends his days nibbling  mushrooms, digging tiny holes and throwing pine cones and prickly chestnuts at you! I kid you not! He is either cheeky and carefree, not minding you are about as he does his stuff or a mean little thing. One of the funniest things I ever heard about squirrels was from someone who didn't like them, arguing that they were just "rats with cuter tails and better upbringings" I am completely confused by that statement, but it made me giggle. I'm pretty sure it was the wisdom of Karl Pilkington on the Ricky Gervais Podcast

Just spend some time playing in the garden with Ollie

Hope your day has been full of little things that make you smile

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Happiness (and a little giveaway!)

I have been a bit of a misery lately. Things seem to keep going wrong, and it's really been getting to me. One after one I can list all the reasons life is crappy right now...

...but (a very large but!) so many little things have happened that make me super happy too. It should have ruled out all the bad bits automatically, but its funny how we dwell on the bad (or at least I do)

So some of my super happy little things:

Trips to craft shops and farm markets
Tea and hot buttered toast after coming in from Autumn rain
Being able to give little Hugo a home!

This little cape-wearing mouse from Frazzy Dazzles has been waiting at the top of my must-buy etsy list so long and I finally got the chance to adopt him this week. He is on his way and will show up in person on a "things making me super happy list" soon, but for now knowing he is on his way makes me smile, not to mention finding this gorgeous drawing in my inbox the next day
(Caution: may cause delightful squeals!)

(picture from Frazzy Dazzles' blog)

And squeals of delight were definitely hear in my house :)

The most beautiful paper doll and pin from Elsita

(pictures from Elsita's etsy shop)

Also bought on Etsy. Elsita is one of the most amazing artists ever! Her work is so gorgeous, loads of tiny, thoughtful details, I was totally blown away seeing it in person. She is on a blogging break at the moment, but you should visit her often, each post is filled with magic. Her post about the paper doll had me instantly 

My Sex and the City Dvd came!  I didn't want to spoil the movie by finding out what happens before seeing it and then missed it at the cinemas (I have no idea how I managed that!!) I have spent the past 5 months avoiding anything about this movie! Its been tough but now I can finally see all those gorgeous clothes. Patricia Field is my ultimate fashion icon!

Winning a giveaway I accidentally entered! 
(If I had known it was a giveway post, I would have definitely entered and had my finger firmly crossed the whole time! But not knowing made the email even more thrilling!)

Lots of making!!
I really do love making stuff and think its the best cure for my crappy days. I always make things I like or find cute of funny and just cross my fingers and hope they bring smiles to others as well. It fills my heart went I find out they do! Joey of Joey's dream garden blogged my Halloween pieces, a little ghostie is on her way to a new home and then there is all the lovely comments you guy leave... well my heart swells with happiness.

So now I want spread a little of the happiness that sneaked up on me when I needed it the most. This calls for;

A impromptu Giveaway, me thinks!

I haven't decided what to give away yet, but it will be something small and made with love.
If you'd like the little something, please leave a little comment here (or long comment, if you prefer) and I will pick a name from the giant teacup on Sunday the 28th September

Many Many Happy wishes to all!

 (I'll still be having a Halloweeny giveaway on the 1st of October, I just wanted to spread some Happy today as well! hee hee)

Monday, 22 September 2008

Behind the Haunted House...

So I thought something was going on in the newly haunted Cozy's garden and when I went to investigate, this is the scene that greeted me;

Among the fabric graveyard and the little ghosties, was a vegetable patch filled with little pumpkins telling scary ghost stories. Each pumpkin, bright and smiley with pointy eyes and fangs, giggled at the stories as they found them too silly to be scary. As brave as the little pumpkins are they find the larger pumpkin a little frightening...
Yes, all those little pumpkins are scared of this one.
His cute eyes and freckles, not to mention teeny-tiny polka dots make him a Halloween pumpkin's worst nightmare! Halloween pumpkins long to be scary, even its it only a little bit scary so they can join in the Halloween fun, and this one is a cutie!
 He does love Halloween as much as any other pumpkin still. His favourite part is helping make costumes by holding the pins and needles, but he also likes handing out the candy :)

The Sweet Pumpkin pincushion/softie will be heading off to the little shop this evening to join Cozy and the little ghostie pins, and the little pumpkin pin friends will follow soon (although they seriously dislike having their pictures taken so it may not be as soon as I'd like). 
And Little pumpkin and Ghostie pins are also haunting (in a polite, friendly, non-scary way!) Archie and Mabel's now.

I am going to have a little Halloween giveaway on the 1st of October, please come and join me then!

Happy early Hauntings!

Friday, 19 September 2008

Hello Baby!

Congratulations to my lovely friend who had a gorgeous baby girl last Friday!

As well as stitching up a special babycake (I changed a couple of things on the old cakey pattern), I found myself drawn to Baby Gap (where the cute little hippo onesie came from),where I oooh-ed and awww-ed until I was completely gooey and a little jealous I couldn't fit into any of the cute clothes :)

Have happy weekends 
and lots of love to Mum and Baby

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Cozy's 'Guest'

You remember 'Cozy Home', my little house softie?
Well, recently he has been looking a little spooked.

Oh dear! His happy puff of smoke has disappeared and a little ghostie has come up through his chimney! No wonder he has a surprised expression, I can't imagine houses like to be haunted much. And although it seems a little early to me to start haunting house, Halloween stuff is popping up everywhere, which is what I believe encouraged this little Ghostie to make a home for herself in poor Cozy.

Cozy would make a lovely home for any creature though I think, especially with his stitched roof (I am so pleased with that little roof!!). Hopefully the little Ghostie is a nice little ghost...  

... and she does seem to be! She seems to be a polite, friendly ghostie, who is a little shy and worries she scares people by sneaking up on them, so always says 'excuse me..' as she approaches in her tiny, ghostly voice. Unfortunately, people are still surprised to see her. I am sure once Cozy gets used to having her around, they will become good friends.

And if you liked to become friends with Cozy and his little Ghostie, they are over in the little shop.

And little ghostie has some little felt pin friends who will be appearing in shop corners and one will appear in a little Halloween giveaway soon :)
But first I have to find out what is going on in Cozy's garden, it seems to be haunted too

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Tea Break

Little cakey badge treats are now in the little shop!

 The Cheery Cheery Cakes are very happy to be getting their chance to help everyone celebrate their everyday triumphs. There is lots of chatter about everyday cake occasions buzzing around the floaty shelves. I think my best excuse of the moment is celebrating that 10 minutes you put aside for yourself to read a new season catalogue and dream about your perfect house. What is your perfect everyday cake excuse?

I did happen to hear one little cakey say that if I ever managed to keep my 'post-every-other-day-at-least' promise, that would be a brilliant reason to have a cakey treat.
So I will try really, really hard to do that and not have such long 'tea breaks' between posts!

Love and Cake and Happy End of Weekends

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Together at last!

As tempt as I was to keep them, these little lollies are now hanging around the walls of the little shop

Sunday, 7 September 2008


A second birdie post as this scribble was supposed to go in the last post, but forgotten:

How I wished the white spectacles looked...

I like this scribble too much to not share it and so he is not alone I will show you a couple of other scribbled birdies from my sketchbook too:

'Peppermint Wings'

'Little Flapper Bird'
 (or 'scribbling birds + reading 'The Great Gatsby'

Happy Sundays All!

Friday, 5 September 2008

Tweet! Tweet!

During my holiday, I kept spotting little grey birds flying about. 
They looked quite dull and boring, but as you passed under the trees they sat in, you saw that along with their grey bodies and black heads, wings and tail, they had a bright yellow patch on their underbellies and I instantly I loved them. I do like flashes of bright colour with grey, and I always love a cheerful suprise.

Lacking the neccessary camera skills I couldn't manage to get a picture of their yellow patches,  so my picture comes from a book.

It was the Middle Eastern Bulbul which I spied. Aren't they surprisingly sweet?
The book had this description of them:

"Rather sombre dress with white spectacles and bright yellow undertail coverts"

which, of course, looked like this in my scribbly mind:

It needs a lot of neatening (drawing white spectacles is hard, I discovered!!), but you get the idea. Also scrappy-looking is the little felt and denim version I made. I've always wanted to be able to make and draw real looking birds.  One day I will sew some calico canaries to sit in my blue bird cage. I'll need a lot of practice but to start it all off here is bird no.1

Luckily I like scrappy and find him endearing so he will be loved. I even managed to get a little 3d in him, so I promising start :)

(Oh I did manage one in focus bird pic but if you'd like to see a real photo and not my 'no-i-won't-show-you-my-yellow-bottom' pic, I found this one on Flickr)

Oops!! A week since my last post! I didn't mean to be so quiet this week but its been an awful crappy one. It can only get better I feel and so shall my blogging - I have been (quietly) working away and do have lots to share.

Have a lovely weekend filled with felty birdsong and smiles