Monday, 27 April 2009


Today's post is full of S's...

 Starting with saying the Swirly Rose fabric pins are now in both the Stitcher Scribbler Shops

and secondly, Silly me slipped on the stairs and is now feeling so very sore and sorry for herself, so has decided to keep this short to spare you from the sulking.
Stupid slippery step...

i counted 38 S's 
that's how sad i am... 
oh, make that 42!

Friday, 24 April 2009

I heart you too!

Looks like I chose to share my Folksy news on Etsy Day

I still love you, Etsy!
very very much indeed!

A Little Folksy Shopping

Well I got two out of three of my Wednesday Wips completed.
The third was looking complete, but then I began to doubts to whether I needed more rain so it continues to worked upon, drop by drop. (all will become clear I promise)  

Yesterday, I finally did another to-do which I have been meaning to for quite some time...


I opened another little Stitcher Scribbler shop on Folksy! 
Folksy is pretty much the British version of Etsy and since it was St. George's day I thought I'd be patriotic and join up.

You can visit my little Folksy shop at:
or clicking one of the many links I'll be sure to litter around the little blog here ;-)

Its not very full right now, but you can have a peek of one of my finished wips so please stop by and favourite me. I feel a little cheeky asking so bluntly, but the more favourited on folksy you are the more visible and at the moment I'm finding it difficult to find me. In return, I'll share a couple of my favourites with you...

My first Folksy favourite and one of my favourite things - Tea and Cake! I adore that little wooden teapot!

Tea and biscuits are always good too! Jammie Dodgers were my favourite treat as a kid, nothing could stop me eating them. Not even when my best friend had her wobbly tooth pulled out by the jammy heart (i know... ick!)

Another real favourite treat! I will not admit how many I have eaten this year, or that I am wondering if it is too late to stock pile to see me through the rest of the year. I love everything in British Cream Tea's shop, it is all too perfectly nostalgic and I have never wanted to eat felt so much.... 

More nostalgic treasures. Toy inspired ornaments from found objects, somehow so perfect.

It's England, it's April so you will be needing an umbrella! Actually it's not raining, it's bizarely sunny and warm the last couple of weeks, but that no reason to pass up on a sweet little trinket.
Besides it always rains when you leave your brolly at home...


Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Today's to do's

These two are top of today's to-do list - a cute baby bunny request and some seasonal stitchery,  oh, and there is more swirly flowers too...

Could it be possible I finish 3 projects in a day? 
I think it so :)


Tuesday, 21 April 2009


... probably not how I'd describe ginger beer if someone asked.


Sunday, 19 April 2009

Knitted Clocks

Current Obsession: Knitted Clocks

Picture borrowed from Firstsite

I completely adore this What's the Time, Mister Wolf knitted cuckoo clock by Andrea Williamson. I spotted it a magazine this weekend and my heart skipped a beat...

Picture borrowed from MochiMochi blog

...and not too long ago I was feeling quite gaga over a sweet knitted mushroom clock from MochiMochi Land.

According to my current clock, it is quarter past 7.
Whenever you read this, my clock will say quarter past 7. Middle of the day, middle of the night, always quarter past 7. I am in denial that my lovely clock has broken and can't be fixed so its stayed on the wall, pretty but quite pointless for 5 months now. 
Maybe its time for a new clock?


Thursday, 16 April 2009


Urgh... I am so behind on my crafty show and tell.
I'd almost convinced myself I have made anything much for quite some time but browsing through my photo albums  it appears I have...

Swirly Spring Flower Pins

A little bit rustic rather than cutesy eyes I usually make, but I like the change. 

I love stitching those flowers, its hypnotic stitching round and round. I feel very peaceful afterwards. The swirl flowers are just like one I put on a minitote a long long time ago and I haven't really done much with them since. I recently rediscovered the college sketchbook with my first ever sample of a swirly rose

Its a bit scrappy after years of being crushed, but it reminded me how much I loved stitching them. I spend hours at the sewing machine stitching a wide sash completely filled with roses and then stitched a few to an old camisole too (both were long gone before I thought to take pictures of things).

I still haven't become any more natural at taking photos - those pins above are the ones I haven't got (they are here) whereas the red ones I made for Etsy sit on the side unphotographed... I will have to go do that now.

Happy Thursdays!

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

What's your dog's favourite film?

It would appear Ollie's is "Harry Potter"

He 'drew' the scar himself. No idea how, he just wandering in like that (and I'm buying his story of a wand fight in the garden) and it doesn't want to come off! 

Silly Hairy Potter...

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Happy Egg Day!

Hope everyone is having a lovely Easter Sunday!

Its a sickly sweet day for me... eating way too much chocolate, drawing pics with Karma Art (which is so cute its addictive) and now I'm off to browse Kitty Craft for super cute Japanese fabrics*... Bliss!


*oh, Kitty Craft is on her holidays... anyone know any good Japanese fabric sites?

Saturday, 11 April 2009


I'm back from a very lazy, lovely time in the land of sun and towel monsters.
Technically its a crocodile, but if you refuse to take it pieces and instead have it sat in the corner of the room, where one night you forget about it, they definitely become towel monsters!! :)

Its nice to be back

Thursday, 2 April 2009

...and she's off again...

Just popping by to say hello,
 I feel a little sad that I let a whole week go by without stopping by...

...and I feel quite naughty that it not even a proper post, just a note to say...

...I'm off again for another week for my holidays...

I look forward to seeing you all then,
Love and Happy Wishes,

(a v. bad blogger indeed!)