Friday, 29 February 2008

Bunnies, Bunnies and More Bunnies

For Easter, I chose a little theme of bunnies with a sprinkling of chocolate.
Because all bunnies love chocolate.

Firstly, two of Flossy's friends arrived and I feel more will visit soon.
To keep track of all the bunny visitors, each will have a number stitched on their back under their dresses.

'Flopsy' Bunny

Flopsy is bunny no. 2. I think she is Flossy's eldest sister and wears the same dress with a pink bow.

'Duffy' Bunny

Duffy is bunny no. 3 and is named after the pet rabbit of a childhood friend. She has a jade cotton dress with a brown bow.

These two little cuties are each £8.45

And Flossy herself will also be making an appearance in the form of three drawn mini totes. 

'Flossy Bunny wants an Egg' Mini Tote
Click here for detail

'Flossy Bunny Loves Chocolate' Mini Tote
Click here for detail

'Flossy Bunny wants to be filled with Chocolate' Mini Tote
Click here for detail

All £4.95

Made from 100% cotton, with ribbon handles and hand-drawn bunnies. The mini totes are 22 x 22 cm (approx.), perfect as gift bags stuffed full of chocs for Easter. Or any time really. 


That tricky little felt egg (the pattern is here if you want a go yourself) turned into a these fun little guys.

The Egg Bunnies
'Lemon drop' (yellow) and 'Candy floss' (pink) and their mini-me's.

Large Egg Bunnies £5 * Small Egg Bunnies £3

The large ones are 11.5 cm tall and the small ones are 9.5 cm. All made from felt, with cotton appliqué tummies and heart-shaped noses. Around the back, they have cute cotton tails.

All are waiting at the shop for you

There are more pictures of these, all my Easter idea scribbles and my other pieces on my Flickr, stop by and have a look


Tuesday, 26 February 2008

A Wonderful Word

My favourite word of the minute and something I am rather fond of doing.
Here is an example...
M. Hare and his Lemonade

I'm not sure what the M. is short for, he didn't seem to wish to say. All I know is he enjoys drinking cloudy lemonade, never runs preferring to stroll leisurely, and keeps a small gold fob watch in the pocket of his waistcoat.

I have just finished a re-read of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass", so teatime and talking animals seems a little everyday here. I have also just downloaded a reading of the two books from itunes to listen to as I sew. I love all the nonsense and silly rhymes, I don't think I'll ever get bored of it.

Speaking of sewing, Flossy's friends are almost ready to meet you all. I just have a couple more noses and freckles to stitch.

We will see you later in the week

Oh before I forget, the egg pattern is Here

Friday, 22 February 2008

Friend of a Friend

'Happy' the Birthday Cake has a new younger friend.

'Baby Cake'

She is the same size as Happy and is decorated with a ribbon and small pink dummy.
She's one of the secret projects I was working, I made her for a friend who had a gorgeous little baby girl a few months ago. I am considering making a couple more to go in the shop after Easter.


And remember JoTwo the Sock Bear? Here is his inspired friend.

"Flossy" Bunny Softie

She is made from  fluffy angora knits that have shrunk to make lovely soft, felted material. She is 27cm tall, with a fabric dress and ribbon and embroidered eyes and cutie freckles. (Click description for more pictures.) She began life as the 'Hello' Rabbit from my first post and then re-worked to find a way to turn her in the softie she now is.

Flossy Bunny's picture

Flossy will be staying with me, but some of her bunny friends will be for sale this Easter.

Have a lovely weekend, 
I'll be stitching more Easter treats to share next week.


Tuesday, 19 February 2008

The Bear, the Box and the Egg

The Pancakes were in the post yesterday, and I know at least one arrived with its new owner today!!

They spent the weekend sat on my shelf in envelopes, with JoTwo the bear keeping an eye on them. I made JoTwo (so named as he has the same birthday as my brother, Joe)  a little while ago by following these instructions. He was supposed to be a sock monkey, but i stitched the ears a little too high, so sock bear he was!
 He is such a simple shape and so sweet, he gave me an idea for a little Easter something. 
As you may see below...

This is my WiP (Work in Progress) box. If i'm halfway through something, it's in here. 
I have been stitching daily recently, which makes me very happy indeed. 

One last thing, my achievement of the week...
This Felt Egg! 

The idea of stitching a egg shape seem very easy, but it's not (or at least wasn't for me). I make my own patterns and this one is the most challenging yet. After many failed attempts (and even some internet searches) last night, armed with felt, needles, a polystyrene egg and a pen, I manage it!!!
This is the egg I made from that pattern and that pattern will soon appear on this blog.

Hope you are all having a lovely day!


*edit: The egg pattern is Here

Friday, 15 February 2008

The Pancake Adopters

As promised, these pancakes will be going to the homes of:

Woosy, Claire and Lauren

If you could email your addresses they will be in the first possible post. 


Thursday, 14 February 2008

To My Valentine...

YYY  Happy Valentine's Day! YYY


Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Is it a bird?...

No, It's Super Mum!
The 2nd of March is Mother's Day (quite early this year) and, for the special day to spoil your special mum, I have put a these 'Super Mum' Mini Totes in the shop.

With her apron and cape, here she stands and here she flies. 

I had a play around with some colour fabric pens for these, and it came out really well. They are sealed and should wash well at a low heat. Also (almost) new is legs!! I haven't really drawn legs since my fashion course. The first sketches were wobbly, but after a bit of practice they are looking good. More leggy ladies to come, me thinks...

I've only got the two new bags at the minute, but I can tell you there is plenty more stitchings being worked on. There is bigger bags, nuns, bunnies and eggs, as well as canvases, hoops and modeling clay for me to play with, all very exciting.
 A couple of things I have finished are little presents, so I have to keep them secret until they are seen by their intendeds. 

Hope you have been having a fantastic week so far,


**Oh, and remember, not long left if you want one of these pancake friends.

Friday, 8 February 2008

We are on Facebook!

Thanks to one of my lovely friends, there is a group for my creations on Facebook and I'd love you all to join.
Here's the link

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Happy Day!

Today, there are two reasons for celebrating.

Happy Pancake Day!
I love pancakes. Any excuse to eat them and make little felty ones is more than welcome by me. They are super sweet but made sweeter with my favourite pancake toppings, 'lemon & sugar', 'blueberries' and 'syrup'.

I made these as a bit of fun, and now I would love to give them away to good home!
If you would like one, just leave your name in the comments at the bottom of this post by next thursday (14th) and they will be posted to new homes the following week.
 If there is more than 3 comments, i will pick randomly, using the good old-fashioned 'name in a hat' method.

The second reason for celebrating:

Happy Birthday Ollie (my dog)

I know a lot of you (read *most*) won't be celebrating this, but I wanted to share his birthday doodle with you anyway.  Ollie doesn't realise he is a dog, preferring to think of himself as a little lord. I really think his birthday wish would be to own a little top hat.

So, I hope you have a very happy day, whatever you're reasons to celebrate.


***Just click comments down here to grab a pancake, 
or email if you prefer :) ***

Monday, 4 February 2008

Blooming Stitches

I spent the weekend experimenting with flowers, all made with fabric, buttons and beads.
The two largest are corsages like the one on the Valentine bag with pin fastening, as I promised myself. The large pink one is also a pin, but the others are perfect for prettying-up bags and other things.

I actually finished this last weekend. It a collar/scarf with appliqué knit flowers. It's been keeping my neck nice and toasty in this cold weather.

Hope you had a lovely weekend and please stop by tomorrow for a special post


Friday, 1 February 2008

Girly Scribbles

I have a couple of new girls to share.

'Little Riding Hood'
I'm really liking fairy tale characters at the moment, so this may become a theme.


I really love drawing these girls in pretty clothes. I will be dusting off my paint brushes and giving them a go in colour too.

As well as the girls, I've been sketching some ideas for Mother's day and Easter, which I will share nearer the time.

Happy February everyone