Sunday, 31 January 2010

I hadn't forgotten, I promise...

I have my last two piece of Snail mail to share with you today...

Fun, bright 'Celebrate!' stamps from Patty of Pip Stitch. I love these!
And I love the card she sent...

...with its darling little Ollie dogs. I do find my Ollie asleep with his chin on my laptop, I thought it was the warmth but perhaps he is online dating :) Patty was one of my first ever bloggy friends and although she is taking a break from blogging for a while (hope its not too long, I'll miss you!) you should still visit her blog as she is the most amazing finder of goodies, especially cute projects and embroidery patterns.
Thank you Patty!

My very last Snail mail stamps came from the lovely Casey of Randomness. I am sorry its take me so long to post your gorgeous Christmas card, I really do wish I could keep it up all year! Lucky for me and very sweetly of Casey, she made me a crochet snowflake which I will be staying in my craftroom whatever the season...

Isn't it pretty? This post here shows how Casey decorated her home with them and you have to see the crochet tree halfway down... I need to have one next Christmas! And take a look at her Friday Flickr finds too... so pretty and inspiring :)
Thank you Casey!

I never realised quite how long this snail mail project was taking me until I took the picture of the lovely Christmas cards. I never meant to drag my feet on this one but just take the time to say proper thank you and put my page together with care and love as it deserves after all your kindness. And that what I am doing this afternoon...

...I can't wait to show you the finished page!

Hope you weekend is lovely

Thursday, 28 January 2010

The Teacup of Randomness...

Today we have a had a little afternoon tea in your honour.
By 'we' I of course mean myself and all the little Cakies I could find and by 'tea' I mean paper tea from the teacup of randomness which holds all your names...

Under the watchful eyes of all the cakies I stirred the tea and picked out the name...

I get to stitch a Cakie friend for Mollie :)
Please let me know which kind of cake you would like and your colour choice by emailing me and I'll stitch your Cakie up straight away

Thank you so much to everyone who helped me celebrate my little blog's birthday, it was so lovely of you and I had so much fun reading your comments. I hope you all enjoy your little Cheery Cherry Cake Printables as my little thank you to each and everyone of you...

You are great

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Back and sharing cake...

I'm back from my little holiday, hope everyone had a lovely couple of weeks while I was gone :)

Tomorrow I will be picking a winner for my little blog birthday Cakie giveaway, if you haven't put your name in the teacup of randomness yet you can pop here and do so before midday.
And since I've had you waiting such a long and quiet time, I thought I would treat you all to a little bit of cakie fun to keep you going...

Cheery Cherry Cake Printables!

As Cheery Cherry Cake likes to celebrate any occasion, any day and every day, these little printables can be used as cute gift tags, a lovely little garland or as teeny tiny notes to give to friend to say "Hooray, its Wednesday!" and I always love to hear any other ideas you have for them...

You can find them here to download and print, then just cut each out and fold along the centre line. I hope you enjoy them!!


Sunday, 10 January 2010

Blogiversary Cake (and a little giveaway!)

My little blog is 2 years old!
And what better way to celebrate than with cake...

...and cake is the reason I can celebrate!

Just before I started this little blog, I started crafting. I had always made little things and tried new ways, taken art class and learn to sew but I know there was a certain moment where this, this little adventure, all began.

For some reason I can't remember, I bought a few pieces of felt and a handful of embroidery thread knowing I want to make a cupcake. And I did this little cupcake here...

Its not perfect. I keep thinking I'll replace one day, make the perfect felt cupcake but I probably won't because I love what this one started. This little cake meant when I had the urge to sew something, I did it and I kept wanting to sew every time I saw it. I was so proud of this cupcake I showed it to people which led to the opportunity to sell and share these little things. It started my blog, my shops, friendships and lots of happiness. I am very happy with who I am today because of all I have acheived as a crafty person, and this little cake started that.

The cake may have started it, but this blog has also given me so much more than I could have imagined.  A lots of the happiness comes from sharing, being part of something and that isn't really the cupcake or the blog itself but you friends who take the time to visit, if you're sweet enough to follow or just stop by the once and I am so thankful for you.

As you know when I am feeling particularly lucky because of you guys, I like to do a little giveaway to say thank you. Today is definitely one of those days and this time I would like to stitch someone a little cakey friend.

You can pick the colours and whether you would like a Happy the birthday cake, a Baby cake or a Cheery cherry cake softie.

All you have to do is leave a comment below and because I am taking a two week blog break starting any day now (things have been delayed because of the snow) I will leave this open until my return around the 27th, when I'll do the random number picker thing.

Thank you for a lovely two years!

Friday, 8 January 2010

Mickey Mail

More fantastic Snail mail, Hooray!

This lovely lot is from the fantastic Becky of Strumpets Crumpets. As well I giving me a longing for some monogrammed note paper (love that 'B'), there are lovely polar bear stamps and she was so sweet to send me a Christmas card to with her little Mickey on the front... he is adorable!! Becky did a tutorial for how she made the Mickey on the cards fluffy with flocking here. I need to try that :)

Thank you so much Becky!

In my last Snail mail post, Nutmeg the Snail was taking a little break and I realised I never properly introduced the tiny fellow who took her place in the pic.
So here he is...

Meet 'Plump', a gentlefellow who does not mind a bit if you ask him to sit in the snow will you take his photo as long as he is allowed hot chocolate and marshmallows in a mug three times his size. Its not hard to find that mug for him as he is teeny tiny... a mini Plump from the wonderful Stuffed Nonsense Folksy shop.

I best get that hot chocolate made before Plump turns any bluer...
Thanks to everyone who sent me Snail Mail, more pics soon

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Here's to another Bunny Year...

"Hello New Year"
 said the funny looking rabbit who sat in the corner

Dear Rabbit, I said, is it not a little late to be welcoming the year?
No, said Rabbit, not if you haven't already.
Oh, said I, then Happy 2010!

Now I hoping Rabbit's strange cuteness will mean you forgive me for taking so long to wish you all the happiest year filled with Love and happiness. I haven't quite gotten out of the holiday mood and the loviness of being cosy and quiet (as well as a little lazy) has stayed with me. I have good reason for that though, I will be celebrating a late little Xmas with the Boy next week as he is finally on leave!
Hoorah Hooray! Whoopee and Yay!

I can hardly think of anything else at the minute - my brain has turned to excited mush! I haven't been stitching or scribbling, just preparing. But before Christmas I was quite busy making gifts, of which this strangely long Rabbit was one.

She is a Long Doll Scarf from the Aranzi Aronzo "Cute Stuff" book and I've been wanting to make one for ageees. This year (oh last year hee hee) she was the perfect present for a little girl I know and I just couldn't resist! Those mouths are so cute, they remind me of tiny moustaches and the book does have the cutest instructions... it really lives up to its name :)

I'm going to try my hardest to post a couple more crafty gifts and more of your lovely stamps before the weekend when I disappear for a little while.

Hope your year is treating you well!
I really do think this will be the best year yet...