Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Doodles and e-mails

Just before the Valentine pieces arrived in the shop, I had some little cards made to use as business cards and tags. Most feature photos of 'Happy' the Birthday Cakes or drawings from the bags. Here are the scribbles, which haven't been see before:

Yep, him again! This time a pencil&paper sketch.


I have decided to start naming my girls, as after so long spend drawing, it feels a bit detached to call them 'Girl number ...' Sophie will appear on a bag soon, with a flower in her hair.

The back of the cards has all my contact details. If you wish to, you can also e-mail me by clicking on 'About Me' section in the side bar and then 'e-mail'.

Happy Wednesdays

Friday, 25 January 2008

Flowers, Hearts and Candy

It can only mean one thing...
YYY Valentines  YYY 
is almost here.

I have been busily stitching away to make some love-themed bags that will last all year round, and some little, felty love tokens too.

All the bags are made from Valentine-y red cotton with lovely cream details.
There are two kinds of mini tote - Flowers and Hearts

I love this bag. Although I shouldn't have favourites, this one is my favourite. I am going to be making myself a corsage like this for my coat over the weekend. Maybe some for the shop one day too.

 The flowers are made from cotton with a red button centre and a drawn stem and leaf.

Happy Heart mini tote

The detail is drawn on cotton and machine-stitched. 

The mini totes are 22cm x 22cm cotton bags with ribbon handle and handcrafted detail. £4.95

The Happy Hearts also appear on three small trinket bags too.

Cuddle Hearts and two little Happy Hearts (Looking Left and Looking Right)
They are 10cm x 15cm (approx.) cotton bags with gingham ribbon drawstring and drawn design.

And finally, Felt Candy Love Tokens.

Valentines always makes me think of 'loveheart' sweets, so I made my own felt version.
Each is 5cm in diameter and has the heart-in-a-circle stitching as well as a stitched message of

In the shop now

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Available to buy

I am very pleased to say that the pieces from the previous post will be availiable to buy from Archie and Mabel's this week.

I have been busy stitching away the past week, and there will be a couple of extra pieces. 

There will be two more 'Cheery Cherry Cake' Badges £1.95
Here are close ups of brown and beige cake.

And 'Happy the Birthday Cake' has a three new friends too.

Here are more pictures of the individual cakes, Blue Happy, Pink Happy and White Happy.
They are the same proportions as the original 'Happy' and will be in the shop at £4.95.

I'd love to know what you think of any of my work, please feel free to leave a comment

Monday, 14 January 2008

Available soon

Here are the items that will soon available to buy from "Archie & Mabel's Coffee and Gift Shop" 

There are five mini totes (approx. 22cm x 22cm). £4.95
Three 'Girls with flowers' bags and two ' Happy the Birthday Cake' Bags.

Girl no.1 
For a closer look at the drawing, click here.

Girl no.2
For a closer look, click here.

Girl no.3
For a closer look, click here.

Each 'Girl with Flower' bag is hand-drawn on 100% cotton and features a fabric and button corsage.

Happy no.1

Happy no.2

The 'Happy the Birthday Cake' bags is a drawing of this little guy on 100% cotton with buttons and beads.

There are also four felt badges available.

Three Hearts Badges £1.50. Click to take a closer look at Happy heart, Tiny heart and Sad Heart.

A 'Cheery the cherry cake' badge £1.95. Two more of this design will be added soon

I really enjoyed making each one these and I hope you enjoy them too

jenny xo

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Birthday Cake Softies

You many recognise this little guy, if you have seen the cards with my details on. His name is 'Happy the Birthday Cake' and was made in November for my friend, Claire's Birthday.

He is approx. 10cm tall including his candle and is completey hand-stitched from felt.

I am currently working on a few more of these, each will be a different colour combination and they will be ready to share soon.

jenny xo

Friday, 11 January 2008

A few old bags

As I said in my introduction, I create handmade bags. A few of this will soon appear in a local shop, and once they do I will post them here, but until then here is a couple of past projects i'd like to share with you.

Sleeping girl bag

This was one of the first bags I made and is the inspiration for many of the bags I now create. It features a pen-drawn girl with ribbon and button corsage in her hair. I use this bag for my smaller work-in-progress sewing projects.

World Peace and Chocolate Nun Bag.

This bag was made for my Mum for Mother's day last year. It features a nun praying for 'World peace and chocolate' (as i'm sure we all do) and a fabric and button corsage. It was the perfect size to fit a box of her favourite chocolates, and so the nun's prayer came true.

I can't wait to share my new bags with you. Any day now :)
jenny xo

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Christmas 2007

This Christmas, I made felt tags to put on all my gifts. After the presents were unwrapped, they could be hung from the tree as decorations.

Festive Brussel sprouts, a penguin and 'Santa Claws the Christmas crab' 

More traditional Christmas tags. Santa, a reindeer and an Elf.

My dog, Ollie had a tag in the image of himself.

A tiny Christmas stocking.

And finally, a decorative 'Elf & Safety' Elf for my dad's office (he works in health and safety).

I am planning to make more Christmas decorations this year, but not until much, much later in the year.


Wednesday, 9 January 2008

An introduction and an invite to my world

Welcome to my blog!
I'm Jenny Shaw, a 23 year old "Stitcher & Scribbler". I make handmade cotton bags and small fabric items. I started making these as gifts for friends and I am very happy to now share them with you.

I have loved making things since I was small. I have studied many art and textile courses, as well as creating the items seen here. I thoroughly enjoy creating every item and hope they will bring a little happiness to all who see them.

The idea of a one-off piece is important to me. I like to have things that are a little bit different from what is readily available, and for me, handmade goods are a brilliant way to do this. Each of my pieces is unique, hand-sewn and hand-drawn by myself. No two will be exactly the same and each piece will have a little character of its own. 

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work. It really means the world to me.