Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Blueberry Joe is ready for his close up...

I managed to get some better photos of my latest bear friend. yay!

"Blueberry Joe"

Here he is, that little sock bear with the much debated nose. 
Much debated between me, JoTwo and Blueberry Joe that is (see bottom of this post) , and we have decided that stitched noses on sock bears are cuter.

JoTwo is a little grumpy about this decision, he still loves button noses best.

Blueberry Joe is my second attempt at a sock bear, and I seem to have worked out most the kinks that JoTwo had. 
I'm happy with how he turned out, BUT he does look lumpier in the picture than he does in person/bear, and I am finding that it is difficult to get the filling as smooth as I would like. It may be as I make the bears from (unused) flight socks, I will try thicker socks at some point to see if it makes a difference.
As well as sorting some sock bear kinks, I got a chance to get a tiny bit of knitting practice on that little blue scarf. I'm still at the beginner knitter stages, but I want to make more time for practice as I'm desperate to make one of these.

Enjoy your Tuesday and
Bear hugs for All


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