Monday, 19 May 2008

Another Bunny Day

'Goldie' Bunny

Goldie is a sweet bunny who likes to be seen.
Unlike Gracie, she is not going to be happy in the corner. She has put her best gold dress on and wants to be right at the front of the shop.

Goldie is bunny no. 8
 She wears a gold satin dress with a prettily stitched ribbon tied to the side. 

The gold fabric is special to me as it is a piece of the fabric I used on my first project at design college. I designed a Salvador Dali melting clock dress and this fabric is from the matching bag. I wish I had photos to share, I was so proud of that dress. It was the first piece I had ever designed and sewn, and it seemed fitting to sew my last piece into a bunny dress as I start my new etsy adventure.


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