Monday, 16 June 2008

My little iPod friend

Hope you all had a great Father's Day yesterday. 
We are going to have to wait to spoil our Dad as he is away in America, but I made sure he had his present before he went. His ipod has been needing to something to keep it from getting scratched in his pockets so I made him a ipod cosy.
Unfortunately, I didn't get take any photos of his cosy before he flew :(

So here's the other ipod cosy I stitched up 

This one is keeping my ipod toasty warm and looking cute. He, or she, hasn't been given a name yet and it really needs one. I'd love some suggestions if you have any :) 

I started out making this one as my father's Day present, but began to wonder that it may have been a little too cute for my dad, so the one I made for him is completely different (I'll share some pictures as soon as he returns).

Happy Stitching

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