Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Because I love him...

... and he loves tanks and coffee!

So this is my 'Love without the lovey-dovey' guy Valentine present.
I really wanted to make something myself and although I usually find designing boy stuff difficult, for a coffee-drinking, tank-loving army boy its was a pretty easy call. After a lame excuse for my "what's your favourite tank?" question (this was probably the hardest bit of the whole project!) and looking at more pictures of the Challenger 2 than I ever wished, I made my pattern and embroidered it on to felt through a piece of calico then somehow turned it in to a coffee cozy... 

That's the bit I made, the other much cooler bit is the cup its wrapped around...

Its a ceramic cup with a silicon lid that looks just like a take out coffee cup. Unlike the paper ones, it doesn't need a paper sleeve really as its insulated but I thought I'd faux it up a little more. I saw them online a while back and thought they were cool - anything that's not quite as it seems is fascinating to me, but as I don't drink coffee, its one of those things I'd never use. 

At least I thought so... now I want one for myself too! 


  1. Cool! You should make a few up and put in your shop. I saw that cup on someone's blog (was it Plush You?). Neither of us will touch coffee, but we both enjoy a good hot cocoa!

  2. that's super sweet. who knew a tank could be so sweet. ;)


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