Wednesday, 18 February 2009

I Saw a Unicorn

I just had to share this... 
...even though it makes me look completely daft...

I honestly believed Narwhals were mythical creatures. 
You know, like Unicorns... 
(Horse + horn on forehead = myth so my logic followed whale + horn also myth as illustrated by this Argyle Whale print

So just imagine how I felt when I saw this...
Do click its wonderful even if you aren't as silly as me

Picture from the BBC's "Nature's Great Events" 
and the whole episode is here if you're in the UK

Its was like how you'd feel if you saw a unicorn in a field!



  1. WHOA! Thank you for sharing this video clip! I've never seen a narwhal on video; AMAZING!!! :)

  2. That was magical! I bet you're not the only one who didn't think the narwhal was real. Thanks for linking to my print!

  3. ummm...i totally didn't think they were real either. Don't feel bad, you're not alone. ;)

  4. wow that's cool. i would never wanna get poked by them. ;)


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