Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Love Letters

As promised I have made something for everyone and here they are... 
my little gift to all my blog Valentines!

Valentine's Note Set

If you click the picture, it *should* open larger in the window for you to print off at A4 size on thin white card. (Any problems let me know)

The Valentine Note Set contains a small folded Valentine's card, 2 heart-shaped tags and 2 notecards, each with a little heart holding bunny!

I'm so pleased I have found a way to give you all a gift! As I am rather keen on the printable freebies I have seen around blogland, I don't know why I didn't realise I could do some sooner. I do hope you like them, and if you do let me know as I'll be sure to make more printable in the future.



  1. How cute!! I can't wait to print some of these puppies out!

  2. oh, I will definitely use these! :] Thanks!

  3. Thanks! Those are so sweet♥

    HOW in the world do you do these drawings? Is it a digital program? I want to make a banner for my shop SO bad and they always look nerdy ;-)

  4. Thank you, the are lovely! :)


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