Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snow Day

Thank you all so much for all the lovely Valentine comments!
It's so exciting to have a little giveaway on the blog again, it feels like way too long since the last!

So I put all your names into my favourite super random name picking fruit machine and after ticking its way around, it landed on....

...Karin of Nordic Craft!
Please let me know your mailing address and I will post out a little parcel to you as soon as possible. My email is jeni_s@hotmail.co.uk

And because everyone was so sweet with their comments (and reassured me I'm not the only mushy one around), I am going to make that little bunny up there into something printable and free. Hopefully it will be here tomorrow and I will not have been to distracted by playing in the snow with Sir Woofington...

My snow finally came!
 and it literally feels like ALL my snow wishes fell from the sky at the same time. I can't think I have ever seen this much snow before, although the news does keep telling me I must have... biggest snow for 18 years for the UK. We managed a small walk this morning, before Ol turned into a snowball and needed defrosting with a hairdryer (him) and a cup of tea (me).

And a one last thing... Happy Birthday Bunzi!
If you haven't already been over to her Bunny creates blog, she is having the sweetest little competition right now.



  1. You want snow? Heehee, you can have some of mine. Two feet out in my lawn right now. It's soooooo coooollllddddd. *tries to stop complaining*
    -Carolyn Michelle

  2. Oh yay thank you! You've got mail! :)


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