Monday, 9 February 2009

Random Acts of Photography

I have been having a photo clearout as poor little laptop here is being quite stubborn about working properly while holding on to my 4500+ (un-back up) photos. Turns out I have lots of 'I should blog that' pictures so here is a few:
Chocolate Cola Marshmallow Muffins
recipe from 'Muffins Galore'

They sound disgustingly sweet and sickening, but surprising not! The chocolate is unsweetened cocoa and the cola can't really be tasted at all, just makes them all floaty light. I can't really say how much sweetness the marshmallows add... that creamy coloured stuff on the top of a couple is all that remains of them and that stuff was solid like toffee. The marshmallows are supposed to be a gooey centre hidden in the muffins, but just like the halloween muffins they escaped through the top in the first couple of minutes. These muffins were made back in November, but I made them again at the weekend without attempting the soft centre and they were just as good and dairy-free so I could give them to my poorly friend :)

Black-eyed Bluebird

This little guy hops around my craft room and makes me smile everytime I notice him - I can't believe I haven't shared him sooner. He flew all the way here from Squishy Cute Stuff's etsy shop with a cute little story of a bird seed scuffle and I am a sucker for little creatures with sad tales to tell. He also makes me wonder how many other lovely etsy bits and bobs I've forgot to share....

...and a black eyed heart

No fisty-cuff here, just a prototype for the lovely hearts.

Buttons galore!

Santa brought me a 2kg bag of loose charity shop buttons this year, oh happy happy happiness! I have slowly been sorting through them, but above is the scene from 2 weeks ago and not much has change, except that empty jar is full of white 1cm buttons... I need more jars!

So little laptop can be happy to have a tiny bit more memory all to itself, but I had to give it one more picture as I went to get my cup of tea to blog with (a tiny tradition here) this had appeared by the kettle...

I don't know how it got there, but its is always good to spot swirly baked goods when the rest of blogland is making you crave them.

Happy Random Mondays


  1. Oh my, those muffins sure do look yummy!

  2. Yes, I agree! I hope you'll post the recipe for those muffins ☺

    I am so glad that the bluebird is enjoying his new home and making you smile! My walls are being prepped for a fresh coat of paint, and then my little ice lolly will be settled into his new home ♥

    I would like to dive into a swimming pool full of fun would that be?


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