Saturday, 19 September 2009

Eat Cupcakes Day!

Today is the last day of National Cupcake week and to celebrate I'm planning on making some lemon cupcakes from my new cookbook bake! after sharing a couple of cakie friends with you.

I've been playing around with some new cake ideas and though these are not quite there yet, they are quite cute...

This is Clown Cakie.
He is more of a muffin than the cakes I've stitched before as I liked how he could have a fun patterned wrapper. He became clown as it was his life long dream to make people smile... oh and the fabric made me think of the circus, but mainly the dream thing. His tiny clown hat is a blob of lacy cream and a blue felt cherry :)

This little cakie is called Fairy Cake.
For the simple reason that she is a fairy cake. Fairy cakes are my second favourite tiny cake though I rarely get to eat them as my cakes never rise tall enough to sprout those adorable little wings.

I'm so pleased with her wings but I think she needs a more fairy-like wrapper. Pastel or flowers perhaps? The circus isn't for everyone...

Happy Cupcake eating!

and if anyone was wondering my favourite of all the tiny cakes were Roald Dahl Matilda's tea time cakes but they don't make them anymore :(

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