Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Ode to Randomness...

God bless Randomness...

I love it when things just seem to happen in a way that is so unplanned and so right.
My previous much talked of granny square blanket came to a sudden stop as I used up all my sale-bought cream wool. And you know the problem with running out of sale-bought... they never seem to stock it again.

Off I went to internet wool land, having no luck until a link for the fabric shop I used to buy all my college craft goodies appeared. I now live 5 hours and a couple of hundred miles away from the actual shop, but there it was... the first place I found MY wool (a big 'my' as the search was getting frustrating)

Now the best thing about my visits to that particular fabric shop were the bundle bags. Off cuts and ends of ribbon, fabric, lace, zippers. Anything could be in those bags. In the shop those bags are joyous! But I won't usually buy internet lucky dip bags. Getting a lace bundle of the hot pink nylon knicker stuff will teach you a valuable lesson... you probably have had a similar one too, no?

Picture the delight to opening the parcel of wool and the bargain bundle "10 assorted colour balls of crochet cotton" that I couldn't resist breaking my 'no lucky bag' rule for to find lovely colours. I love them all! Even the mustard yellow which I'd never have picked makes me go "Oooooh..."
And there on the top...

...my favourite colour!

Best part is that because I ran out of wool,
because the shop no longer sold it,
because the search took my on a little time travel,
because the memory of bargain bundle bags made me forget my on rule,
I now have some lovely random cotton and the perfect excuse to buy this book which I've been lusting after!

Thank you gods of Randomness
I heart you so...


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