Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Ooh it's Wednesday...

I've mentioned more than once that I love Flight of the Conchords and the Boy is just as big a fan as I am. His favourite song is 'Business Time' *

I briefly and rather quietly mentioned that the Boy went out to Afghanistan a few weeks ago. He is doing well and I'm very proud of him but I miss him terribly. He is very good at keeping in touch though and once he arrived he asked if I could maybe send him something to make his sleeping area 'his'. He said it can be anything... so I stitched him some tiny art.

I found out from past experience that my stitch picture can be a little too soppy for the Boy. ("I like it but we should hang it at yours...") but I figured he couldn't resist a pair of tiny business socks...

He loves them! He says he had made a 'washing line' with string and bull dog clips to hang it and photos and letters on over his bed :)

I think I have seen and been inspired by another FOTC socks stitch tribute but I can't for the life of me find it again. If anyone know who's it is or where it is, please leave a comment letting me know so I can add a link to them... Thank you!


*If you don't know the song this post probably won't make much sense Sorry! And you should know the song is not explicit but it is about sex so be careful of delicate ears...


  1. LOVE IT!! Even thought I don't know what the heck you are referencing, it's still awesome. The hubs and I are actually starting FOTC this weekend; we have the first disk sitting in it's Netflix sleeve on our DVD player, patiently waiting for us.

  2. This made me smile, I love flight of the conchords and reading your post set me off on rewatching all my fave songs on youtube. Brilliant!

    ROBO BOOGIE!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  3. Very sweet and touching. I love the washing line idea.

  4. It's's business tiiiiime!!

  5. This is awesome! The BF is a fan of this song as well ;)


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