Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Let the Wrecking Beginning!

There was (not) a blog post on the Etsy Storque over the weekend about Keri Smith's new 'I am not a Book'. Oh I was so tempted to make it mine straight away!

The only reason I didn't was because I have only just made a start on one of her other book/things Wreck this Journal

I know its been talked about by everyone already, I think it came out years ago... but I am very excited about it and its very new to me. I bought it over my Summer break so I had a "While you are gone..." project. Another "While you are gone" project to be honest. The granny squares were supposed to be my thing. One a day starting in September... hmmm you know I got a little carried away with that so a 2nd project was needed.

"Add your own page numbers"

And this is a brilliant thing to do! Each page has an instruction to follow, some easy peasy and some quite scary and challenging. As a book lover with a strong urge to keep them pretty, I'm already dreading "Take your journal in the shower with you"! I'm just two and a half pages in and I'm being a chicken and going for the easy ones.

A dodgy scribble of the Boy as my number 1 (well he is *blush*) and then a super simple crack the spine...

Actually not that easy. Not because of psychological block on bending books (I always try not to!) but because they is a LOT of glue in that spine. Very strong! I fought for a good 15 minutes and got one good crack :)
But the page really didn't reflect my efforts and the word "spine" had reminded me about the window display of a nearby chiropractors which has a badly hung twisted spine in it. I guess it had fallen as it would be a really bad advert to do it on purpose. Anyways I love anatomical drawings of skeletons and we always had to draw bones at college so this got me wanting to draw a spine. I copied a plate from gray's anatomy and yes, I have rather lamely labelled the spot that still hurt from when I fell down the stairs months ago...

It tickled me at the time... the label, not the fall ;-)


  1. Hi! pleased to be your 40th follower! brilliant project- really love looking at other peoples scrap books

  2. You have set something off in me with this post, I cannot stop thinking about this book, It may be what I have been looking for and never knew


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