Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Coat Ornaments

Last night, while searching around on Etsy for nothing in particular (something I seem to do a lot), I spotted a gorgeous little brooch by OhMyCavalier on the front page.

"Oooh, I want one!" was obviously my first thought :)
But my second was that I have a brooch a little like that and I really should share...

The sweet little framed bunny illustration is from Marmee Craft and started actually a Victorian-style hanging ornament (there is still a couple left... and they are on sale!!) It came with the lush mossy green velvet ribbon (is they anything as lovely velvet ribbon? I think not) so it could be tied to the branch of a Christmas tree. I thought it would look cuter on me, so I tied the ribbon and stitched a brooch fastening on to the back of the bow... et volia! a Victorian hanging coat ornament it became!

I love how they look a little like medals, the kind of medal that would be given out if I was ever put in charge of that kind of thing.

Just thinking of a good reason to award myself a medal, so I can buy the OhMyCavalier one now...



  1. Miss Jenny, I give you a reason to buy a new brooch: you are a #1 bona fide sweetheart! There, so now that I said it, you deserve it.

    I LOVE your little rabbit faux brooch. I popped over and just ended up buying the plump bird myself! It will look good on my new black wool coat ☺

  2. Hi Jenny I just love your creations - over on my blog there is an award i would like to pass on to you with hugs x Lou x


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