Saturday, 29 March 2008

Bag Ladies

Finally, I can share my latest bunch of secret projects!

I have been busy stitching trying to make a good sized tote. The min totes I make are brilliant for storing little bits and bobs in, but what I really want is a tote to carry around and fill with craft shop purchases. Its been fun playing around with sizes and material. The first few have been made as gifts for some special people.

This one was for my cousins 18th. 
Its quite huge really, big enough to hold lots of things. She is a brilliant artist and off to university soon, so I hope the bag will come in handy for that.
Its made from a heavy black material and lined in black and white stripes. There is a long ribbon to hold it closed and drawn girl, framed with ribbon and a corsage. I love black and white together, simple but strong. 

This is a birthday present for another cousin. (I told you I knew a lot of March b'days!!)
The pen drawing on pink turned out very pretty and she wouldn't be complete without a flower in her hair. 
A lighter cotton, lined with pink stripes and a little smaller but the perfect size for an everyday shopping tote (approx. 30x36 cm). I'll be using this pattern for all my large totes. 

This bag is to say Thank you to my friend, Carly, as she set up the Facebook group about my work. Carly is a dancer and she asked if I could draw a dancer for her bag.
There is a much better picture here.

And finally, my latest mini tote.
She has already been bought and is at her new home.

As always, its so lovely to share my pieces with you all.
There will more totes, shopping and mini, coming very soon as I'm slowing putting together some pieces in the hope of maybe having a little online shop.


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