Sunday, 23 March 2008

Hoppy Day!!

x  Wishing you a lovely Easter  x

It has been a very good week to spread cheer.
St. Patrick's, a few birthdays (I know quite a few of you share my birthday week), the  beginning of Spring (21st) and now Easter!!
I hope you enjoy the week as much as I have.

My day has hardly begun. I'm still all cosy, looking out on to snow(!! The first this year I think) and smiling over my lovely Easter gift - The wobbly-headed Chicken Lady.

A dainty tin figurine, she will go perfectly in my imaginary perfect kitchen.
She came from Archie and Mabel's, the most wonderful  coffee shop with the yummiest cake and cutest little gifts (including my own creations hee hee) If you are in the area, you just have to go. 

I'm off to enjoy my Easter and let my Ollie play in the snow
We are both very excited about our day!


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  1. I hope you had a great one!

    I wish I was in the area. I love coffee shops...especially ones with yummies and cute gifts. :D


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