Monday, 10 March 2008

Weekend Scribbles

While stitching and scribbling, I like to watch film and listen to podcasts, 
and that leaked into my drawings over the weekend.

The Girl with Flowers
(An Ode to 'Stranger than Fiction')

Stranger than Fiction has been on a lot at the moment. This drawing is from my favourite scene, when Harold brings Ana a box full of little bags with coloured labels and says 
"I brought you flours"
Its a cute scene anyway, but add a play of words and I'm swooning.


Word play probably explains my love of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland too. That and the odd characters. I finally started the Alice audiobook over the weekend too.

Mari-Ann Hare

And the final drawing is of Miss Mari-Ann Hare, the niece of M. Hare who makes the cloudy lemonade he loves to drink. I was asked, after his post, why M. Hare had such a precise character. I think its because when you spend so long on a drawing, it's more than a picture, it becomes a little story. I'm sure all scribbler feel the same.

Today was scans as my poor little camera decided it need a charge and refused to take any photos until it had done so. I have a couple of weekend stitches and some fantastic post which I have to share.

Happy Mondays Everyone


  1. Very cute sketches!

    I absolutely love STRANGER THAN FICTION!!! One of my favorite movies of all time. I actually bought it! :)

    And yes, that scene is totally romantic. Plus, he made the flowers so cute, too, with the colored labels! :)

  2. So pleased someone who likes the film, likes my drawing!
    Thanks xo


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