Wednesday, 26 March 2008

It's Time to Share the Cake...

This week has just been going so quickly, I feel I've almost missed it.
I think my forever growing to-do list is to blame, it's one of those weeks where there is not enough time for all to be done.

 One thing I have manage is, to get some lovely pictures of the new cakes.

These are the Happys that shared my birthday with me, which makes them quite exciting. (Although everything I make is special and exciting to me.)

My little Birthday cakes are all called "Happy"
Completely hand stitched, they are made of felt, stuffed with toy fill and birthday cheer and are around 10cms tall.

I really enjoy making these cakes. 
My favourite part of the whole process is stitching the smile. 
: )

The very first Happy the Birthday Cake was made last year for one of my friends. She jokingly ask me to make her a real cake for her Birthday. I am a terrible cake baker, they all come out very flat and stodgy, so it HAD to be a joke.
But, as I had just made myself a cupcake pincushion, I thought I could possible stitch up a little cake. And the result is Happy.

The Happys will be for sale soon. 
They are very excited about getting out in the world to spread birthday cheer.
Until then, they are pleased to be making friends here and over on my Flickr, where there are many more photos of them and previous happys too.

Seems only one way to finish this post,

A very merry Happy Birthday/UnBirthday
(which ever you're having today)

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