Friday, 14 March 2008

Tea, anyone?

I'm very excited about sharing my new little stitches, I've been meaning to do this all week... 

 Here they are!  Little tea bags, made from felt with sweet little faces and heart tags. They stand about 6 cms tall and have been plumped out a little with  toy-stuffing. 

'Dunky' the Felt Tea Bag

The first one I made was just plain old tea, and as he worked out so cute I had to make him some little friends.

'Green' Felt Tea Bag

Dunky's healthy friend 'Green' tea bag...

'Used' Felt Tea Bag

...and his not so healthy friend the used tea bag. 
'Used' was just like Dunky once upon a time, but he became stained and upset when he was used to make a lovely cup of tea for a little old lady. He really shouldn't be upset, but all tea bags look kind of sad after coming out of the cup.

I'm keeping these little feltys for myself, but I will be making some more with a little twist for sharing.

Hope they've given you a little smile
 and that smile stays with you over the weekend.



  1. They are soooo cute:) Excellent work again m'dear. xx

  2. where can i buy them? email me? "tea bags" in the title! name your price! thanks :D

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