Friday, 7 March 2008

Old Things, New Things and Things to be done

Lovely Felty WiP

Its been a bit of a slow progress week around here.
I have a sketchbook full of scribbles and all that lovely felt ready for stitching.
So, I thought I'd share some older projects with you...

Felt card holder 
for my mini businesscards from Moo. I really love my minicards and now, they have a place to be cosy.

Cupcake Pincushion
A first attempt, the pattern needs a little tweaking.

'Laundry Girl' Laundry Bags
Made from a pillowcases that lost their duvet. I turned them into drawstring bags and painted the  girls on them. Pink dress for light washing and black dress for darks.

And finally, a pom-pom sheep
My friend and I relived the childhood craft of pom-pom making and mine turned into a sheep with a felt face. Hers was a much more creative Christmas owl.

Well, now I have to get working as I think that is almost the end of old project photos.
I'm planning on a sewing marathon next week, as well as playing with my fantastic new toy!

My very own Print Gocco!!

Not really a toy, Gocco is a printing machine from Japan, which works in similar way to screen printing. A birthday present come early, I can't wait to start making myself some little stationary (my first project idea, many will follow I'm sure)

It came all the way from Japan via the most wonderful site, Etsy. It is my favourite place on the whole internet. It sells gorgeous handmade items from all over the world and I hope to have my own little shop on there one day too. Oh, you have to go see it...

Well, my little show and tell is finished for the day. 
Hope you enjoyed it


  1. Wow all you stuff is Amazing Jenny!
    Love it all!
    I wish I was like you able to draw and stich!!
    Love Jelly Bean xx

  2. Such a sweet comment! Thank you so much!


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