Sunday, 9 March 2008

The Girl Who Lives in a Flower

Remember my flowers from this post? This is the large cream one, but something was not quite right about the bead I used. Its a lovely bead, just not this flower's perfect match. So off it came, and on went a pin badge from The Black Apple's Etsy shop. I was going to be a temporary centre while I found another bead or button, but I think this looks pretty perfect already. 

The Black Apple is one of my favourite sellers on Etsy. Her paintings are almost magical with dreamy girls and their animal friends. The last thing I bought from her was a gorgeous bundle of girl pins. She also has the most fantastic blog.

I have been stitching and scribbling away today. A photo and scanning session is planned for tomorrow, with more show and tell to follow.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend


  1. I like that "black apple" touch. It's super cute!

  2. Thanks! A bit of 'Black Apple' make everything prettier.
    I've just seen your blog, your drawings are so cute!!


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