Saturday, 19 July 2008

The Bashful Whale

A bashful whale swam my way today.
She is the most beautiful, serene whale you are ever likely to meet.

She is a gorgeous pin cushion by Sara of the Blueberry Bandit, who came across an ocean to me (via Etsy). To me, she will be a much treasured softie as I can't bear to put my pins in something so sweet. The photo (and those fantastic paper waves!) is Sara's and I have 'borrowed' it from here on the Craftzine Blog! Yes, this little whale is a star! I cannot believe I was the first to the shop when she appeared there, I feel so lucky to have given her a home as I know many others would have wanted to adopt her.

She is beautifully made and just too cute to describe. I think the photo really says it all, but you can't help but gush when you see her in person. Do you see the water coming from her blowhole on top? That is a spray of pastels pins! See you really must gush...

Sara has many more gorgeous creatures of felt and print in her etsy shop. I am eyeing up that print of the tightrope-walking Blueberry Bandit as we speak...


After an awful end to the week, I am so glad the bashful whale found her way here today. She has brought with her some much needed smiles.

The end of the week became awful as I discovered I had used the wrong snap fastening on all the little podlings. Their prettier covered snaps closed much tighter than the snaps used on the test podlings, and so much tighter, that I now worry they may hurt the podlings when pulled open.  As soon as I became aware, the Podlings had to come off the shelves and are now undergoing a snap-free redesign. It was a silly mistake to not realise snaps came in different strengths and I am really kicking myself for it now. I do hope to figure out a podling-friendly fastening and get them back in the shop soon.

If anyone has any advice on good fastenings for felt cases, the podlings and I would really appreciate your wisdom :)

So that is my tale of woes and whales,
May your weekend be filled with happy whales that swim your woes away


  1. What a lovely little fellow and thanks for the comments on my blog. I am trying to decide if I can justify more moo cards yet they are so sweet but I think a few more photos of stuff I've made is warranted first.

  2. The whale pincushion is sooo cute! i love it!

  3. I saw that whale on Craft and fell in love. How lucky you are to get one! I love the pins in the blow hole. So cute!


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