Saturday, 5 July 2008

Just a note...

I love little pieces of stationary so when I need to send out some "Thank you's", I decide to make my own little notecards.

Bunny Thank you Notecards!!

I have always wanted to make my own writing paper and cards. When I was quite small and staying with my grandparents, I drew some tiny animals along the bottom edges of paper and photocopied a million almost-blank pages making my very own paper to write letters. That was about 14 years ago, so imagine how surprised I was last year when a letter on that same paper arrived. My Nanna had saved some and my little cousin had use it to write some letters.
And that got me thinking about making my own writing paper again.

This time the stationary was made using the Gocco printer and some thick black and gold inks. I brought cut pieces of white card and found some blue lined card in a stationary shop (it may be record card, I'm not sure but it does make lovely notecards).

Originally I was planing to make the cards to sent my Thanks to the customers of my little shop, but I was so impressed with how they have come out I made so extras to go in the shop as well. I have found some good quality recycled envelopes and I am going to busy myself tying them into bundles ready for the floaty shelves. (A couple of each colour went to Archie and Mabel's yesterday, and the rest will appear on Etsy this week)

Earlier this week, I received the sweetest message to say Gracie the Bunny had arrived at her new home in California (I am so jealous, sitting here on a blustery day hee hee). That reminded me that I hadn't shared these little notecards and completely forgot to tell you that;
I will be slipping a small set of the cards in with the first 4 sales from the Stitcher Scribbler shop

For this evening, I've have promised myself some scribbling, movies and muffins, so I'm off to bake.
Have a lovely weekend 

(and hope you had a happy 4th if you've popped here from the US)

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