Thursday, 10 July 2008

Things to Celebrate

My shop had it's second sale today!!
Thanks Selina!

and I'm not the only one celebrating...

"Party Hat Polly"

Frazzy Dazzles is celebrating a 100 posts over on her fantastic blog! She is having a monster give-away and to enter I tried to pick my favourite post of hers! It was so hard as I have so many I love. If you like cute mice, super hero capes and monsters you'll want to hug, you have to pay her a visit.

I'm coming up to my 100th post too (This is 92!) and so I'm planning my way to say thank you to all who have stopped by. "Polly" is going to be helping me and I have a couple of other ideas, but I keep wondering if I should have a theme for the post too.


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  1. Congratulations on your sale! I swear once I go back to work, I will buy something from you. I love all your creations!


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