Tuesday, 8 July 2008

iPods... of the paper and felt variety

He may be made from paper and string but you can see from his smile, he will always be willing to whistle a tune to those who need a tune to brighten their day. 
(If you were wondering what that is, today's tune is "9 to 5" which is stuck in my head after reading this post)

The little paper fellow is here to tell you some details about the Podlings:

All the Podlings in the shops are to fit the newer iPod Nano (70mm x 53mm)
But if your iPod isn't this size, you can still have a podling friend...

... I am delighted to say, I am making other sizes to order!
Just email me your iPod's measurement and I'll make one to fit :)

The above Podlings are all in my Etsy shop now.
And the paper iPod is keep a couple more company at Archie and  Mabel's



  1. I love these little guys...but I love their name...Podlings even more! They are going to sell really well! Jen

  2. These are really adorable... good luck with them!


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