Tuesday, 15 July 2008

True Moo Love

I am truly smittened with this little card.

Yes, its minicard time again!
Although Moo have started to print regular size business cards, there is something about the mini ones that I love. With their tiny dimensions, they can't help but look cute, and as I learn the ins and out of selling and making, I think they fit my 'mini' business nicely. I hope to grow this little business and so maybe the cards will grow too. As long as I can have bigger cards that look as cute as these.

I have been so impressed with all the Moo cards, I ordered some of their stickers as well. They should arrive any day now :)



  1. oh I love your moo cards. They are so cute! I ordered some and it's almost like I want to give them to really special people cause I love them and don't want to share.

  2. Aww, super duper sweet!
    Your blog is lovely.


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