Tuesday, 20 January 2009

The Colours of Love...

All the happy Lovely Heart felt pins from the last post are now in the little shop!
And among the red, pink, plum and green smiling faces are these two bittersweet friends of theirs...

'Feeling a little blue' Lovely Heart


'Feeling Quite Blue' Lovely Heart

Where as the Happy Hearts are wanting to fill the world with the love and happiness they already have to share, the little blue hearts are sweet, yet sad little fellows who are still seeking the love and really want a lovely shoulder to be comforted by.

As for that happy green Lovely Heart I'm not entirely sure what its colour means. 
Perhaps he is lovesick, in that lovely completely so-loved-up-I-can't-do-anything kind of way?

So there they are all together as a big loved-up heart family ready to spread and find love!

More Valentines soon!


  1. hahahaah how funny!!! one should have a little crack in it!! hahaha

  2. Aaaw, I love little blue! :)


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