Sunday, 18 January 2009

Love and Happiness

I have my first official crafting of '09 to share!

A happy handful of little felt heart pins for Valentine's day.
I've been a little slow off the mark with making these, part of me was dreading more holiday crafting after December but once started I remember how much I enjoy Valentine's and it quickly became fun :)

And I have a chance to show off my big carved ribbon bobbin, filled with bilingual Love and Happiness! I just can't wait to use, which is quite odd for me as I am a terrible ribbon hoarder and freak out at the thought of it all disappearing...
But this is too good to keep to myself, especially when there are Valentines to be wrapped!

Amour et bonheur, en francais!

The little pins will go in the little shop and some will be send off to Archie and Mabel's, just as soon as I make up some cute backing cards for them (fingers crossed for tomorrow!)



  1. Bug-eyed and cute, as usual! I really want to be crafty, but have had a case of "crafters block" lately. I think this whole CPSIA thing is partly to blame :P


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